Online Casino Mobile Apps

online casino mobile apps

Much has changed for gamblers in America over the last couple of years. When New Jersey became the first state to pass legislation that allowed it residents to start playing casino games online, a door was opened that will never again be closed. That’s great news for serious and recreational casino gamblers who have been waiting years for the opportunity to do what they enjoy the most from the comfort of their living room or the local coffee shop. 

It wasn’t enough that New Jersey and now several other states stepped forward to allow it residents to gamble online. They took legislation one step further to make sure gamblers could access their favorite online casino games with their mobile devices. Before we discuss any further details about mobile gambling in America, this would be a great time to mention to new online gamblers that websites like Play Casino™ - online casino guide are available to help people find the best online gambling sites and mobile apps. 

Mobile App Compatibility 

In the early years of online mobile casino gambling, gamblers had to deal with some rather significant restrictions. There simply weren’t many online gambling sites that were offering mobile apps. Instead, gamblers were confined to playing online casino games with their mobile devices through an optimized website and standard web browser. 

At first, industry software developers began working on mobile apps that were compatible with the iOS (Apple) and Android operating systems. Gamblers who were using devices that operated on other platforms were still confined to using optimized website access. That remained a significant issue because the quality of the gaming experience was compromised by a limited selection of games and poor graphics. 

The good news is all of that has changed in the last two years. Today, mobile apps are popping up on a majority of the top online casino gambling sites. The apps can be downloaded for free through the Apple Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. Gamblers using other operating systems can usually gain access to the resident mobile apps through the host website like top site australianonlinecasinosites. 

The Mobile Gambling Experience 

While mobile sports betting and casino gambling in the US is still in its infancy, it is widely anticipated that at least 25 states will be allowing its residents to gamble online and through tablets and smartphones by the end of the year. Currently, four states have the appropriate legislation in place to allow such activities. 

As for the quality of the online mobile casino gambling experience, it’s absolutely remarkable. First, most of the better gambling mobile apps feature clear colorful graphics, great audio capabilities and a wide selection of available casino games. In the US, Americans are getting access to video slots from top software developers like Microgaming, Netent and Betsoft. Another top option is gambling on the best high roller casino site.

In the future, American gamblers can look forward to new innovations in mobile gambling. With Virtual Reality technology sitting just around the corner, there would seem to be very little that’s going to stop an industry that poised to grow for years to come.

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