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About Owner & Author Michael Schiemer

Michael J Schiemer is a money coach, investor, frugal entrepreneur, social media manager, digital marketing consultant, and SEO professional with over 10 years of experience. He's worked with multi-billion dollar corporations, the top SEO and blogger outreach agencies in the world, and thousands of small businesses across the globe. He's been named a a Top 100 Business Blogger, Digital Marketing Influencer, and Social Selling Expert by countless publications, websites, blogs, and corporations. Michael J. Schiemer currently owns 20 websites and is the author of "The $10 Digital Media Startup" and "The Complete Guide To Frugal Fitness" with book and ebook sales in 12 countries. 

Mike Schiemer has been featured in or contributed to Search Engine Journal, Washington Post, USA Today, Yahoo UK, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Search Engine Watch, SEMrush, Stuff Magazine, Shape Magazine, Patch, Fit Small Business, Convenience Store News, Convenience Store Decisions, Retail Insight Network, Databox, Make Use Of, Moneycrashers, Consumer Digest, Google News, and many other publications around the world. 

Michael Schiemer has completed content marketing, social media, and SEO campaigns for leading corporations around the world including retail giants, software businesses, food conglomerates, oil companies, insurance companies, biotech firms, banks, automotive manufacturers, financial companies, lawyers, best-selling business authors, sought-after keynote speakers, and top universities. He has also proudly served thousands of small and medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, bloggers, vloggers, independent distributors, and authors.

About Bootstrap Business

Joining owner and author Mike Schiemer are 500+ talented writers from 50+ countries including CEO's, CMO's, Founders, Executive Directors, Board Members, Attorneys, Politicians, Physicians, Managers, Scientists, Engineers, Consultants, Business Owners, Public Relations Companies, Media Corporations, Best-Selling Authors, Keynote Speakers, Journalists, Accountants, Financial Advisors, Professors, and many other top professionals in their field. Bootstrap Business is one of the world's fastest growing independently owned business blogs with 10,000+ articles, blog posts, videos, news stories, product reviews, interviews, or press releases and is read by millions of people in 200+ countries.

Mike Schiemer of Bootstrap Business looks forward to building bigger and better business brands as well as maximizing your marketing! Thanks for contacting Michael J. Schiemer today.

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