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Social Media Influencer Marketing is one of the most powerful methods of advertising today. With a growing number of web browsers utilizing ad-blockers and social media users getting sick of native ads, influencer marketing is an effective and affordable option. Influencer marketing on social media also stands out a lot more than PPC, email marketing, and traditional advertising mediums that have become white noise.

But sometimes social media influencers charge ridiculous prices and don't understand basic business principles. As a macro and micro influencer, I charge very reasonable prices and understand all aspects of social selling, digital marketing, branding, and SEO. 

My nano-influencer marketing services have helped lend credibility, reach, amplification, website traffic, backlinks, and positive publicity for many brands on social media, YouTube, company websites, and blogs around the world.

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Mike Schiemer Influencer Marketing

I have been ranked by multiple websites, publications, blogs, and software programs as a top influencer in Content Marketing, Social Selling, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Business Blogging, and many other influential niches from 2011 to 2023. The social media accolades keep coming in each year as I am ranked and listed as a top influencer.

While I am an influencer in a few niches, I charge reasonable influencer marketing rates because it is not my full-time job. As epic entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk says "I am an influencer, but I am a businessman first". My personal influencer brand is a combination of Bootstrap Business media, some Frugal Finance posts, my Lean Startup Life social media handles, and my personal social media accounts. You can utilize whatever combination of influencer marketing accounts that you would like with your brand. 

I am a battle-tested online influencer marketing professional and once we agree upon terms I can usually execute within 24 hours, then provide you with social links and analytics when possible. 

Social Media Profiles For Influencer Marketing

Facebook (13,000+ Followers)
Twitter (200,000+ Followers)
Instagram (5,200+ Followers)
LinkedIn (30,000+ Followers)
Pinterest (5,000+ Followers)
YouTube (8,000+ Subscribers)
Snapchat (500+ Followers)
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I look forward to helping promote your business with tweets, retweets, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, LinkedIn updates, pins, snaps, threads, stories, +1's, thumbs up, likes, comments, video clips, and more with my professional influencer marketing services. This can take your social media marketing to the next level.

If you are interested in my social media influencer marketing services, please Contact Me for rates and campaign details. 

Influence is everything in the digital marketplace! You need to build your social media influence now as we approach Web 3.0 and grow your digital real estate in 2024.

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Contact Us To Start Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

If you are interested in my micro-influencer marketing services, please Contact Us for rates and campaign details for your social media strategy.

I look forward to helping promote your business with tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, LinkedIn updates, TikToks, pins, snaps, video clips, shares, and more! 

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It is time to increase your influence on social platforms. More social media influencer marketing and SMM articles coming soon!

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