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Social Media Influencer Marketing is one of the most powerful methods of advertising today. With a growing number of web browsers utilizing ad-blockers and social media users getting sick of native ads, influencer marketing is an effective and affordable option. But sometimes influencers charge ridiculous prices and don't understand basic business principles. I charge very reasonable prices and understand all aspects of social selling, digital marketing, branding, and SEO. 

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Mike Schiemer Influencer Marketing

While I am an influencer in a few niches, but I charge reasonable rates because it's not my full-time job. As epic entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk says "I am an influencer, but I'm a businessman first". My personal influencer brand is a combination of Bootstrap Business media, some Frugal Fitness posts, and my personal social media accounts. You can utilize whatever combination that you'd like with your brand. I am a battle-tested marketing professional and once we agree upon terms I can usually execute within 24 hours, then provide you with links and analytics when possible. 

Facebook (13,000+ Followers)
Twitter (225,000+ Followers)
Instagram (10,000+ Followers)
LinkedIn (29,000+ Followers)
Pinterest (4,000+ Followers)
YouTube (9,000+ Subscribers)
Snapchat (500+ Followers)
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I look forward to helping promote your business with tweets, retweets, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, LinkedIn updates, pins, snaps, stories, +1's, video clips, and more! 

If you're interested in my influencer marketing services, please Contact Me for rates and campaign details.

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Micro-Influencer Brands Available
Social media accounts for business, fitness, & beauty niches
Packages Available For Multiple Micro-Influencer Orders

bootstrap business influencer marketing

1. Bootstrap Business Influencer 

Influencing: Marketing, Social Media, Tech, Finance, Startups

Social Media Profiles:

- Facebook (1,900+ Group Members)
- Instagram (5,000+ Followers)
- LinkedIn (400+ Company Followers)
- Pinterest (3,700+ Followers)
- YouTube (9,000+ Followers)
- Snapchat (500+ Followers)

Frugal Fitness influencer marketing

2. Frugal Fitness Influencer 

Influencing: Health, Fitness, Food, Sports, Bodybuilding, Diet

Social Media Profiles:

Facebook (8,000+ Group Members)
Twitter (5,000+ Followers)
Instagram (3,000+ Followers)
LinkedIn (200+ Company Followers)
Pinterest  (3,500+ Board Followers)
YouTube (9,000+ Subscribers)
Snapchat (100+ Followers)

cheap computer server influencer marketing microinfluencer service

3. Cheap Computer Server Influencer 

Influencing: Web Hosting, Servers, IT, Tech, SEO, Web Design

Social Media Profiles:

- Instagram (1,500+ Followers)
- Pinterest (3,800+ Followers)
- Facebook (50+ Followers)

recover reputation influencer marketing microinfluencer

4. Recover Reputation Influencer 

Influencing: Reputation Management, ORM, SEO, Career, PR

Social Media Profiles:

- Facebook (100+ Followers)
- Pinterest (3,800+ Followers)

lean startup life influencer marketing services

5. The Lean Startup Life Influencer 

Influencing: Business, Marketing, Finance, SEO, Health, Fitness

Social Media Profiles:

Facebook (500+ Group Followers)
Instagram (1,100+ Followers)
Pinterest Board (3,700+ Board Followers)

marketing masterminds influencer marketing professional program

6. Marketing Masterminds Influencer 

Influencing: Social Media, SEO, PPC, Blogging, Email, Branding

Social Media Profiles:

- Facebook (500+ Group Members) 
- Instagram (2,100+ Followers)
Pinterest (3,800+ Board Followers)

fat burning fitness blog micro-influencer marketing

7. Fiscal Fitness Influencer 

Influencing: Fitness, Weight Loss, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting

Social Media Profiles:

Facebook (300+ Followers)
Pinterest (3,700+ Board Followers)

divine designs influencer marketing company

8. Divine Designs Influencer

Influencing: Beauty, Fashion, Hair, Makeup, Skincare, Nails, Spa

Social Media Profiles:

Pinterest (3,700+ Board Followers)
- Facebook (100+ Followers)

social selling entrepreneur social media influencer marketing pro

9. Social Selling Entrepreneur Influencer 

Influencing: Social Media, Social Sales, Influencer Marketing

Social Media Profiles:

Facebook (400+ Group Members)

Instagram (3,200+ Followers)

Pinterest (3,700 Board Followers)


10. Stock Market Opens Influencer 

Influencing: Stocks, Investing, Bonds, Crypto, Forex, Finance

Social Media Profiles:

Pinterest (3,800+ Board Followers)
- Facebook (100+ Followers)

Contact Us To Start Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

If you're interested in my micro-influencer marketing services, please Contact Us for rates and campaign details.

I look forward to helping promote your business with tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, LinkedIn updates, pins, snaps, video clips, and more! 

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