7 Tips To Make Money With Instagram

If you want to make some extra money with Instagram or even, make it your primary source of income you really need to think about how you are going to do it. It may all seem pretty simple, but there is more than what meets the eye. That summer picture with a few thousand likes may seem very spontaneous, but often there is a cleverly made tactic behind it. In this article, we will explain step by step on how you can make the best of your Instagram account and maximize the chances to get more followers and likes

Step 1: Create A Catchy Bio 

You can actually see your Insta-bio as something with which you introduce yourself. What exactly can people expect when they start following you? Who are you, what are your hobbies and what is your Instagram about? When you leave this empty, people have no idea why they should follow you. So if you want to make money with Instagram, you need followers, a lot of them. If you’re having difficulties getting followers, you can visit this page iigers.com. Time to boost your Instagram! 

Step 2: Choose A Niche

It is, of course, beneficial to post a few pictures, but unless your name is BeyoncĂ© Knowles, this will not help you with the sought-after Insta fame. Choose a specific target group that you want to focus on and keep it that way. There are many fun themes that you can focus on. Just choose something that suits you and that you think will inspire others. That can be anything: from cats to coffee and from breakfast to nature. Consider creating a new Instagram account for this. This way you can just post that party selfie with your group of friends on your personal Instagram. Make sure the theme you choose is recognizable for a large group. If for example, you post about a dog, you will only get attention from people interested in dogs. Instead, post about animals in general. 

Step 3: Ensure Beautiful Pictures And Choose One Picture Style 

When you take a picture, always make sure that you take several pictures so that you have enough material to choose the best picture from. Try to work with natural (day) light as much as possible and see if you can find some useful apps to edit the image. It is a small investment, but you can look at paid picture apps such as Camera+ and ProCamera. If you have an Android device, then ProShot and Camera360 are definitely recommended. Do not use hysterical filters as a result of which pictures become overexposed, or your peppers suddenly look unnaturally red. Instead, choose a filter that enhances the picture as unobtrusively as possible. If you want to become a real Foodgrammer, don't take photos with a flash, because your food will look really dirty. Then choose an app like Foodie. Just as important is choosing a specific picture style: it is essential that your Instafeed looks good. Whether you prefer black and white, a white frame or a particular filter, stick to the plan! 

Step 4: Hashtags 

Hashtags are really useful, use them but don’t overdo them. By adding a hashtag, you become discoverable for potential followers. You can add many hashtags, but it is better to go for some specific, popular hashtags. Do not come up with self-made hashtags, because there is little chance that someone will look for them. Keep in mind that particular hashtags are popular and well-known, but that is why they are also used a lot. Your picture will be lost in the mass that way much faster than if you make the hashtag a bit more specific. You can make #food more specific by choosing #paleofood #paleoislife if paleo is your target group of course, else it won't make sense. If you find it uncomfortable to post a series of hashtags, you can put them in a new comment under your own picture. This way it is less noticeable. 

Step 5: Interaction 

When you have finally posted a cool picture, you can interact with your followers by asking a specific question in the text below the image. For example, with a picture of a beautiful sunset on vacation, you can post "what is your favorite vacation destination?" When your followers answer this or merely give a compliment about your kick-ass picture, it is essential that you respond to this. Talk to them, thank them and show that you appreciate them. It is these people who can help you become an influencer. 

Step 6: Make Your Account Public

People are not likely to follow a profile that is private, because they cannot see what your Instagram is about. So make sure your account is public: this way you are also much easier to find for your potential followers. This tip has been mentioned before, but it may be wise to place personal pictures on a private personal profile. That way you decide who can see which photos. 

Step 7: Enjoy Instagram! 

It may sound a bit cliché, but it is especially important to have fun. Be aware that, also on Instagram, not everything is what it seems, so focus on what you like. Don't see Instagram as a desperate way to become famous, but as an extra way to leverage your hobby and inspire other people. Conclusion In this article, we gave you seven, in our opinion handy, tips that will help grow your Instagram account. If your goal is to make money with Instagram; stick to these seven tips and good luck on IG!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about seven super tips to make more money with Instagram social selling and influencer marketing.

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