3 Ecommerce Trends Already Changing E-Stores

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Since the ecommerce industry boomed a decade or so ago, change and innovation have been nonstop. Like many industries centered around tech, there is a never-ending pool of newcomers and seasoned veterans building on what each other is accomplishing. Every day, new ideas and practices are being implemented, all of which push the industry forward and change it for better or worse. 

Given the rapid growth of the industry, it is safe to say that things have been changing ecommerce stores in the new year. Keeping up on trends can ensure your store stays on top as the year progresses. So, here’s a quick look at three ecommerce trends already changing e-store in the new year. 

Brick-And-Mortar Retailer Continues To Atrophy 

The first trend we are seeing in the new year is a crippled brick-and-mortar retail market continuing to stay weak. This means that more and more people are shopping online, and that’s good for ecommerce. Admittedly, it is a bit sad to see brick-and-mortar stores shutting down, but it’s really a lesson in adaptability. If customers want quick and easy, and e-stores are offering consumers the ability to shop from their living rooms, then physical retail shops are going to suffer. 

Because ecommerce exists exclusively on the digital front, change is not really an option so much as a requirement. There is no excuse in ecommerce to drag your feet when it comes to innovation. If a new trend says that you should be able to save your cart to an email address, not implementing that is just illogical. Change is necessary, and as physical retail continues to weaken, e-commerce will keep its hold on the market so long as it does not stop changing with trends. 

Drop Shipping Eases Responsibilities for E-Sellers 

Another trend is one that you may already utilize – drop shipping

More and more ecommerce sites are drop shipping now, and that opens up new opportunities to those who do. Drop shipping is the practice of having the supplier deliver the product directly to your customers, leaving out your involvement in packaging and shipping. 

This does require a detailed, concise return policy, and you will want to form that before you begin drop shipping product to your audience, but once you do, it allows you to ship things you cannot manage. No longer do you have to allocate money to store product if you have no space in your office, nor do you have to supply product only after a purchase. This offers you freedom, more control, and a better service for your customers. No wonder it is growing so quickly; it makes everyone’s lives easier. 

Social Media Become A Direct Selling Tool 

Social media is the last big change to the e-commerce industry. Obviously, social media is not a new platform for marketing, but as a business more and more sites are allowing you to connect product pages directly to a post allowing for customers to click a photo and be taken directly to an “add to cart” screen. Examples include selling ebooks online from a Shopify website through Instagram or selling southwestern jewelry over Facebook. 

This makes it less work for potential customers to find product they want to buy, and better yet, you can connect all store inventory to posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If your social media game has been lacking, picking it up now that you can plug products directly into posts can be a game changer, and a boost you may have been seeking for some time. 

Yes, it's a new modern age for e-stores, but this year is already bringing new trends and changes to ecommerce that are sure to shape the year to come. Time flies fast as spring turns to summer, so the slower winter months are a great time to find ways to maximize on these budding trends and get in on the ground floor. Change is good in life, but it’s even better for your digital store. Don’t stop adapting until your profits are through the roof, and even then, push the envelope further.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about the top ecommerce trends that are already changing e-stores and Shopify shops.

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