Top 5 Best SEO Experts To Follow In 2023

top seo experts to follow best search engine optimization influencers

Want to learn more about search engine optimization (SEO)? Then you should learn from the best SEO experts in the industry today. Everyone you meet in this article is now actively involved in SEO - or sharing information, knowledge, and ideas about SEO. The SEO world is constantly changing, and the activities that only a few years ago made it possible to obtain the first position in Google are not effective today. Therefore, it is worth learning about current good positioning practices that will allow you to attract the attention of robots and search engine users. 

SEO specialists are in demand in the digital market because they play an important role in promoting any business online. The main idea of ​​this article is to help you find interesting people who know a lot about SEO and are willing to share their knowledge. There are countless "SEO experts" out there but only a small amount of them are true gurus. You will learn something new every day from these top 5 SEO experts to follow in 2022 and 2023. 

Top 5 Best SEO Experts In The World For 2023

1. Guy Sheetrit 

Guy Sheetrit is one of the foremost critical figures concerning SEO. Guy Sheetrit is CEO of a critical advanced showcasing organization Over the Best SEO. He is an experienced senior official with 14 long years of victory over the innovation, showcasing, and computer program improvement businesses. With broad involvement giving customized SEO showcasing arrangements for eCommerce, nearby SEO, and Fortune 500 companies. 

When we think of positioning, we always think of advancing to the top of search engine rankings. Everyone knows it is important, but because of our focus on technical processes, we often lose sight of why it's important. Namely, it puts our company in front of several human users. 

Guy Sheetrit believes that SEO has become a priority for many people. Even for online casinos, the art of SEO is a very important one for attracting users. For example, Betway welcome bonus has some key aspects regarding SEO, which makes it unmissable on Google and other top search engines. 

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2. Vanessa Fox 

Vanessa Fox was one of the creators of Google Webmaster Central, a search engine tool focused on teaching professionals and business owners about crawling and web indexing. She also founded a search analytics firm called Nine by Blue, which she eventually sold to major search marketing company RKG. 

Fox is now the CEO of Keylime Toolbox, an analysis software company. Vanessa Fox continues to be a source of smart SEO strategy and an icon for women in SEO.

3. Eric Enge 

Building his Heathkit computer from scratch while he was still in college sparked his interest in technology, which he eventually succeeded in as a search engine optimization specialist and agency owner. 

You've probably heard of Eric Enge as one of the most prominent figures in the SEO industry. 

Enge is currently the General Manager of Digital Marketing at Perficient Digital. In 1997, he founded Stone Temple Consulting, which was acquired by Perficient Digital in July 2018. 

He is well known for his significant contribution to the industry's knowledge base, having done countless digital marketing research over the years. You can check out his latest research on the Stone Temple website and Perficient. 

Enge has spoken and delivered keynotes at major conferences, including: 

• PubCon 
• SMX 
• State of Search 
• Next10X 
• Digital Growth Unleashed 

Enge continues to be an excellent source of information for businesses, agencies, and new SEOs. Choosing the right SEO agency is also not simplified by the fact that SEO is an industry based primarily on knowledge, not certificates or permits. 

4. Barry Schwartz 

Barry Schwartz is the founder of the Search Engine Roundtable, a top news site focused on search engines and search engine marketing. He is also a publisher at Search Engine Land and CEO of RustyBrick, a New York-based custom web development company. 

Barry's ability to dedicate so many roles without losing a beat is just one of the many things that make this leading SEO expert a true professional. He has been in the SEO industry for over a decade and has not slowed down for a minute. Schwartz is also a news editor at Search Engine Land. 

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5. Jeff Quipp 

Jeff Quipp is an important name in the SEO world. He is the well-known founder of Search Engine People Inc. As you probably already know, this is one of the biggest major marketing companies in Canada. Jeff has published numerous studies on SEO and frequently offers development courses in the search engine optimization realm. 

Jeff Quipp helps business and digital marketing professionals worldwide improve their keyword rank and organic traffic on top search engines like Google. Many entrepreneurs, marketers or e-commerce professionals, or internet advertisers simply do not know about positioning - and there should be no specialists in this regard. However, the lack of such knowledge also means that a significant part of them do not have the appropriate skills to accurately select an SEO agency and to carefully monitor its activities. 

More Top SEO Experts To Follow 

There are many other top SEO experts to follow for the best search engine optimization strategies or news. These top SEO pros include Neil Patel, Brian Dean, Danny Sullivan, Matt Cutts, Mike Schiemer, Derek Huizinga, Marie Haynes, Rand Fishkin, Nathan Gotch, Shane Barker, and Chase Reiner for essential search engine marketing industry insights. 

SEO Pro Conclusion 

Search engine optimization is a difficult and tedious task. As a result, finding the right SEO agency to rank your site high in search results is also extremely risky. For this reason, it is very important to follow the advice of some SEO experts. If you want your site to rank high in the Google search engine, you should always follow expert SEO tips. Keep in mind that positioning is constantly changing, so expert recommendations may change as well. 

Entrepreneurs who want to reach potential customers online with their offers do not have an easy task. Not only do they have to face increasingly fierce competition on Google search and the need for skillful planning of widely understood marketing activities, but it also happens that some of the buying activity decreases are simply a reduction of the consumer budget. 

Search engine optimization helps to build your business in the long term without requiring large amounts of monetary investment up front. If you follow these top 5 best SEO experts ranked worldwide, you'll be in better shape with your business search engine optimization strategy.

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