Sell It Like Serhant: Real Estate Leads Generation

Sell It Like Ryan Serhant: How to Generate Real Estate Leads home selling

There are tons of benefits that come with working as a real estate agent. The job is not without its challenges, though.

One of the most common challenges real estate agents -- especially new real estate agents -- face is lead generation.

Finding people who are interested in your services and want to work with you one day is difficult for all real estate agents. It's not impossible, though.

If you've been struggling with generating real estate leads as a new realtor, we're here to help so you can sell it like Serhant! That's Ryan Serhant, the New York City real estate mogul.

Read on for some simple and effective real estate lead generation strategies you ought to try out today.

Nurture Existing Relationships

The best real estate leads often don't come from online marketing. That's not to say that online marketing isn't valuable -- it definitely is.

These days, though, a lot of agents are trying to do all their lead generation from behind a computer screen. This is not the most effective way to meet people and generate leads for your business, though.

Instead of spending all your time online, start by thinking about your current relationships. This includes relationships with family members, friends, and other professionals.

Work on nurturing these relationships and letting people know that you're in the real estate business now.

Most of the time, people love to help out their friends, and if they know that you're actively looking for new clients, they'll be more inclined to send people your way.

Meet New People

Starting with the people you know is a great first step.

Don't let your lead generation efforts end there, though. Make sure you're also making efforts to get out (emphasis on the words "get out") and meet new people.

Volunteer at local charity events or join meetup groups for other professionals in your area. Remember that you'll have opportunities to meet potential clients everywhere you go.

Keep a stack of business cards on you at all times so that you can pass along your information wherever you are -- the gym, the dog park, the grocery store, etc.

You never know when you're going to meet someone who might be interested in buying a house! If you want to sell it like Serhant, you'll need to constantly be networking and pitching your services for potential home and property buyers.

Follow Up and Say "Thank You"

When you do receive a referral from a friend or family member, be sure to send them a hand-written thank you note.

This is a great way to show people that you appreciate them, and it increases the likelihood that they'll refer more people to you in the future.

Send a follow-up message to new people after you meet them, too. This could be an email or a quick message on social media.

Don't underestimate the value of the hand-written note for follow-ups, though. People love the extra touch that comes with a hand-written note, and that willingness to go the extra mile may increase their chances of working with you in the future.

Share High-Quality Web Content

Make sure you're sharing valuable, high-quality content on your website on a regular basis, too. This should include blog posts and videos providing information on various topics related to buying and selling homes.

The more content you share online, the easier it will be for people to find your website. It also makes it easier for you to establish yourself as an expert within your field. 

Invest in Paid Advertising

It helps to invest some money in paid advertising, too. There are lots of different ways you can go about getting your name out there, including the following:

  • Ads on websites like Zillow
  • Billboards
  • Facebook ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Newspaper ads
  • Direct mail

It also helps to answer real estate-related questions on sites like Quora and Yahoo Answers. Doing this allows you to establish yourself as an expert and become a reliable source that people think of when they become interested in buying a house for themselves.

Develop a Niche

The more specific you get about the services you offer, the easier it will be for you to attract your ideal clients.

If you specialize in a specific type of home or homebuyer (first-time homebuyers, historic homes, luxury homes, etc.), you'll be able to separate yourself from other real estate agents in your area and attract clients who require your particular services.

Educate Your Community

Look for ways to provide education to people in your community, too. This is an especially helpful technique if you're looking to make first-time homebuyers your specific real estate niche.

Offering free classes to teach people about the ins and outs of applying for a mortgage and getting their affairs in order so they can buy a house is a wonderful way to meet people and establish a connection.

Even if you work with people who aren't ready to buy a house yet, providing them with valuable information now will pay off later. They'll be much more likely to think of you when the time to buy does arrive.

Put Your CRM to Work

First, make sure you have a customer relationship management (or CRM) program. Every real estate agent needs a good CRM to help them stay on top of the clients and keep track of their marketing efforts.

Once you have a good CRM in place, make sure you're using that program on a regular basis.

Input information about the new people you meet into that system so you can quantify your leads and find out more about them.

This, in turn, will provide you with valuable information that can help you decide where to place more of your lead generation efforts in the future. 

Generate More Real Estate Leads Today

As you can see, there are lots of different approaches you can take to increase the number of real estate leads you're generating for your business.

Keep these real estate leads generation tips in mind and your business will be booming before you know it so you can sell it like Ryan Serhant and rake in the cash.

Do you want to learn more about the best real estate marketing tips and tricks? If so, check out the Real Estate section of our site today to learn about property investing and lead generation.

You'll find all kinds of helpful information here on how to attract more clients and grow your real estate business. Now go sell it like Serhant!

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