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If you are reading this then you are one of the 2,000,000+ visitors to my page from 180+ countries, and most likely someone who enjoys saving money in business. A significant amount of my website traffic can be credited to over 200 great contributing writers and experts from across the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Israel, Ireland, Germany, India, and beyond! 

UPDATE: Aside from select accomplished writers, successful entrepreneurs, and C-level executive contributors... I'm now only accepting sponsored content and paid white hat SEO backlink building opportunities. If you are interested in paying a small fee to publish your article or blog post with several permanent dofollow backlinks to your website, continue reading on. The fee is for the time I spend formatting, editing, and sharing each post on my social media. 

I'm looking for guest bloggers to contribute their high quality and unique previously unpublished post(s) to get published on Bootstrap Business. Have your article read by thousands of people from around the world. Gain exposure, website traffic, sales, and an SEO boost to amplify your business. Bootstrap Business currently has a Domain Authority of 44 and continues to grow organically. 

In your guest post you can include an author byline, a picture (that you own the full rights to), a Follow link to your reputable website, and a link to your social media account if needed. Due to changes in Google SEO policies, I prefer guest blog posts be 800 - 1,500+ words and I will no longer be taking infographic submissions. 

If you contribute multiple guest blogger articles, I may also be able to list your page and a permanent DoFollow link to your site on my Affiliates page as well. I promote all of my guest posts on my growing social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and sometimes Pinterest along with my email newsletter depending on the article quality. 

Some of the topics I'd be interested in for guest posts include:

- Lean Startup Advice or Low Cost Business Tips
- Your Entrepreneurial Experiences
- Social Media Marketing
- Social Selling or Ecommerce
- Digital Marketing
- Analytics or Big Data
- SEO or SEM such as AdWords
- New Digital Technology
- Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality
- Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence
- Website Design or UX
- Mobile Application Development
- Digital Gaming & Gamification
- Customer Experience & Customer Service
- Business Blogging or Online Publishing
- Ebook Publishing & Marketing Tips
- Affordable Business Product Reviews
- Real Estate Investments & Management
- Stock Trading, Frugal Investing, & Cryptocurrency
- Human Resources, Recruiting, Incentives
* Feel free to propose other related topics

I've had countless CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, startup founders, authors, keynote speakers, lawyers, consultants, politicians, journalists, PhDs, and Harvard Business School / MIT Graduates contribute to the Bootstrap Business Blog so you will be in good company!

Take a look at just some of my recent guest blog post examples now that contribute to all of my guest blog posts with well over 1 million views in total and growing each day:

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- Tools To Streamline Your Instagram Marketing 

- 16 Unsexy Ways To Succeed As A Startup

I hope we get the opportunity to work together through guest posting or sponsored content to grow each of our digital businesses and search engine ranks!

Best Of Luck In Business!

write a guest post business blog article author seo link juice content is king blogger pagerank promotion

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