Top 10 Most Popular Best Torrent Sites 2019 - 2020

top torrent sites best torrents downloading files 2019 - 2020

It can be daunting when you’re heading to look for the right torrenting site. Firstly, some popular torrent sites can’t manage to run a site for a long period, they fall for a shutdown real quick. Secondly, you will find plenty of torrent sites on the internet, filled with malware and ads providing poor-quality files and fake torrents as well. To address this, we chose to accumulate a rundown of the best torrenting sites for 2019 and 2020 while giving the accompanying data to give you a genuine evaluation of the condition of a torrent site. 

The year that the site was established on, is sort of a reliability gauge. The older the establishing year, the more reliable the site it. If you see a popular torrent site that has been active for 5-10 years, take that as a reliable site. You should likewise consider the content format, the speed, the number of torrents of the site to sort out if the site is reliable or not. Some sites can be blocked in your region, as a result, you will be needing a VPN to connect to get access to the existing site in 2019 and 2020. 

However, we are going to demonstrate which torrent sites are ruling over the internet for years and considerably are the best ones in the world currently. Let’s get started on the top 10 best torrent sites of 2019 and 2020: 

The Pirate Bay 

TPB for short, a veteran torrent site, owns the position in top torrent sites list once again in 2019 while running on its original domain. In fact, it wore the crown last year after the total wipeout of the former popular torrent site called KickAss Torrents. 

Along with TV shows, software, movies, audiobooks, games, songs, etc, TPB is popular for the diverse collection. The interface of The Pirate Bay has been the same for many years, and you can access the torrent index by it. If you have a VIP badge, it implies that the downloads are safer for you. 

TPB provides an abundance of seeds, as a result, the downloads are super fast. In case, if this website is blocked in your region, you can always connect to a VPN and access to the website. 

Why Should I Use TPB? 

• Most popular and the oldest torrent site. 
• Trusted/VIP user icon. 
• Plenty of trusted mirrors. 


If you are a movie freak, there is no doubt that YTS would be the best for you. This site is best for movies. It has moved to a new domain that has a comparatively lower Alexa rank. Though there is no connection between this site and the original YTS/YIFY group, which closed all of their operations a few years ago, still, the site has their name on the top 10 charts. 

The visual appearance is a noteworthy thing for YTS. The homepage of this site features only a search page. Pirated content generally powers YTS yet the looks are sufficient to give an extreme challenge to some prominent streaming administrations. 

Why Should I Use YTS? 

• Productive inquiry channel with valuable filters and arranging alternatives 
 Clean design, a simple to-peruse depiction of torrents 

1337x is very conscious of its visual interface. You will see a neat and properly placed layout on everything from the home page to the index page. The notable torrent site has torrents in various classifications. The torrent additionally gives a Trending segment that records mainstream torrents for a day and week. Top 100 torrents for various classifications can likewise help the clients discovering great torrents to download. 

Why Should I Use 1337x? 

 Useful to search older torrents 
 Neat and clean interface for the listing page. 

RARBG has dropped two positions contrasted with a year ago. The site is available with several domain names, however, just the one with the most traffic means this rundown. RARBG was established in 2008 and has practical experience in amazing video releases. It likewise has a different site page to include trailers of various shows and films. Individuals probably won't visit a torrent site for watching trailers. In any case, it might be useful to a few. 

Why Should I Use Rarbg? 

 With regards to quality torrents. 
 News about the entertainment industry in the blog section. 

After the shutdown of Torrentz in 016, Torrentz2 popped up to be a popular torrent site. They tend to be one of the largest databases of torrents as they combine results from various search engines. They boast of including 61 million torrents and it comparatively has more movie torrents than other categories. 

Why Should I Use Torrentz2? 

 Plenty of databases with 90+ sites. 
 Availability of mirror sites. 


Numerous eager torrenters will know EZTV, a well-known TV torrent circulation site that was established in 2005. In the wake of encountering an unfriendly takeover, EZTV was asserted by another group working at EZTV.AG. While numerous mainstream torrent sites ban discharges from EZTV because of its history, many have observed its torrents to be of extraordinary quality. 

Why Should I Use EZTV? 

 Lightweight and clean interface 
 Countdown List Helpful 

Limetorrents have been appearing in the top 10 lists for several years. This website includes different categories such as Anime, Applications, Movies, TV series, Games, and so on. You can easily find healthy torrent on this site and the noteworthy thing about this site is, it updates the content regularly. You can upload torrents, bookmark torrents, post feedback and exchange messages with others by creating an account on this site. 

Why should I use 

 Updated content list 
 Flexibility to spot out the verified torrents 


Zooqle is comparatively a younger torrent site that incorporates more than 3.8 verified torrents on its site. It’s gaining their popularity and rising in the success very quickly. The clean interface helps users to easily navigate the torrents without any hassle. Movies and TV shows are the priorities of Zooqle. But they also publish various games, software, etc. for different platforms. 

Why Should I Use Zooqle? 

 Plenty of important sub-categories 
 A modern way to provide and list information and torrents provides you million of data collecting from other websites. Despite being a torrent site, this site offers you a lot more than just a torrent search engine. It categories different torrent sites on its individual website which really works to satisfy torrenting needs for various users. You can easily find the best torrent sites by looking at the different category pages. 

Why Should I Use 

 Plenty of torrents and sites - Meta torrent search engine 
 A graph of search trends in regards to popular queries 


Being both a torrent search engine and torrent index, torlock mainly focuses on movies and TV series. It makes sure that you get genuine torrents. In fact, it’s so serious about the fake torrents that it pays users a buck if he or she is able to find a fake torrent on the website for them. 

Why Should I Use TorLock? 

 Genuine torrents 
 Get paid by identifying fake torrent 

Terrific Torrents 

Chances are that you might fall for copycat as many old torrent websites have been shut down already. Torrent sites like IsoHunt and Extratorrent don’t exist now, so protect yourself from visiting a copycat website. Also, there can be clone websites for KickAss Torrents. So, you have to be careful while looking for torrents in any site. However, these 10 terrific torrents sites are the most popular and best torrent sites of 2019 - 2020 and they are intended to provide you the best service they can.

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