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reddit marketing guide

Reddit is one of the largest social networks and forums that is largely ignored by the majority of corporations and small business owners alike. But Reddit could be your ticket to top digital marketing bargains, social selling success, and advantageous ads. and the Reddit mobile app has around 500 Million active users and it is consistently a Top 10 website in the US and the world when it comes to overall traffic. It is an active and growing community that allows access to the coveted Generation Z and Millennial demographics. Reddit rocks and rakes in the traffic even in 2024!

Now it is more versatile than ever with brand new complete user profiles. With a user base that enormous, it would be tragic not to take advantage of such an opportunity to promote your content and interact with prospects. In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, it would be wise to market your media and build your brand on Reddit. 

Here are some reasons why in our Bootstrap Business Reddit Marketing Guide:

Share Visual Content On Reddit

Like the wildly popular Snapchat and Instagram platforms, Reddit is all about images and video. If your business has a strong visual component, and I would argue most should these days, then Reddit is a great destination for your media. 

If you want to drive traffic or attention to your YouTube videos, Slideshare presentations, slideshows, infographics, TikToks, or portfolio then this is the place. Don't get me wrong, there are endless threads involving debates almost entirely devoid of images. There are many intellectual battles waged every hour on the platform. But most popular or viral threads on Reddit are and will continue to be visual in nature. Images, GIF's, and Videos reign supreme here and you should get a piece of the pie. 

Reach Younger Users On Reddit

Facebook users are ancient now compared to what they were about 10 years ago, which has parent company Meta constantly concerned. Twitter and LinkedIn users are much older as well. 

If you want to supplement your marketing campaigns going out to teenagers and twenty-somethings (and you're already performing at a high level on Snapchat and Instagram marketing), you will find tens of millions of younger users with purchasing power on Reddit. Expose them to your products and services, ask for feedback, and help to provide value. 

Converting younger users could end up being worth a fortune with repeat purchases and customer referrals. You may even be interested in reaching out to Reddit Influencers and have them assist you in sharing your brand. 

I am not saying by any means that all Reddit users are in the Generation Z or Millennial demographic, so if that isn't your target market then you can still accomplish great things. There are hundreds of millions of Reddit users and thread viewers ages 35 - 65+.

Community Building & Branding On Reddit

Online community building has always been a critical pillar of digital marketing and overall business branding. Establishing yourself or your business as an industry authority is also Digital Marketing 101. Once you have the minimal required Karma (positive user feedback of your posts and comments) of around 100, you can begin creating your own Sub-Reddits and growing your own branded community. 

If nothing else, consider it brand protection to register your branded username(s) and create your Sub-Reddits on your own terms. There could be an SR out there right now misrepresenting you or your brand online and you need to take control of that to the best of your ability.  

Search Engine Optimization With Reddit

This was one of the main reasons I finally hopped on Reddit to be honest, at least initially. It's always good to grow your SEO and build backlinks! While Snapchat and Reddit are all the rage, they refer very little actual website traffic by comparison and don't create any backlinks to your websites! (well, maybe 1 at most from your Instagram profile). Reddit allows you to easily drive traffic to your website by posting links to Sub-Reddits, your profile page, and post threads. 

You shouldn't spam the same link repeatedly on Reddit, or barrage the same SR day in and day out, but you can provide subscribers with high quality curated selections in many cases. You'll drive significant traffic to your websites and see a bump in some of your page rankings etc. Anything that can effectively increase traffic and SEO at no cost is an investment worth making. 

Paid Advertising On Reddit

As a frugal entrepreneur you probably know what my thoughts are on paid advertising options in general... but the prices are very reasonable on Reddit. As I have mentioned, because Reddit is ignored by so many startups and corporations alike, the price of advertising is much less than on Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. If you want to take the paid approach then it will provide you with a strong value and be worth trying out at least a campaign or two on 

Don't Feed The Trolls On Reddit

Thick skin is always important in the world of social media. Like many other social platforms (Twitter and YouTube come first to mind from experience), there are plenty of internet trolls and "passionate" critical users on Reddit. They don't enjoy being marketed to, whether it's blatant or indirect, so if you are there primarily for business purposes you should expect some heat. There are some really rude Redditors that may downvote all of your comments or submissions until you're looking at 0's. Or maybe you'll just get your post deleted and profile banned from the SR. 

Don't let them discourage you or your branding campaigns and certainly don't get caught in any potentially damaging online arguments. It's the small price you have to pay for excellent exposure opportunities. 

Do you best to abide by the culture, written rules, and unwritten rules of Reddit to maximize your upvotes and Karma, while minimizing your negative backlash. There are no guarantees on or the Reddit mobile app, but just use your best judgement while marketing and branding on the platform.

Sometimes Reddit itself can troll you and potentially remove your contributions or sub-reddits. There is no real option to counter their decisions and often times it is done in an automated fashion with some mistakes being made in the process. 

Build Backlinks 

Reddit is a very high authority website so getting your business website links published to it can help your SEO significantly. It is a domain authority 90+ site, so even nofollow backlinks posted by you or other users can help your search engine optimization. Just be careful not to spam too much or your plan to build backlinks on could backfire in 2023 or 2024.

Final Thoughts On Reddit Marketing

Resourceful Redditors can rake in the rewards in 2024! While I wouldn't say Reddit should be the top priority for most companies, it's a social network that needs to be explored and experimented with. For a very small investment of time and resources, you can reap significant benefits for your business. 

Market away! Reach out on Reddit and ramp up your ROI in 2024!

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I hope you enjoyed this article about reaching out on the Reddit social media platform for excellent return on investment. 

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