4 Most Common Causes Of Fires In Business Environments

causes of business fires

Fires happen all over the world every day, and unfortunately, in many cases, they can be deadly. And while many of us may be aware of how to prevent fires in our homes, many of us may not have the same know-how when it comes to preventing fires in our place of business. 

The best place to start is by understanding the most common causes of fires in a business environment and taking the right measures to prevent them. This will ensure not only you but also your clients are protected from the dangers that fires can bring. To help you stay safe in your work environment, here are some of the most common reasons for fires in a business setting. 

Dry Vegetation 

Businesses that are located in hot and dry areas may be surrounded by dried overgrown bushes, grass, or even fallen leaves. Besides being aesthetically unpleasing, these materials will accumulate over time, dry out, and become the perfect breeding ground for fire. All it takes is one cigarette or other flame source and you could find your business bursting into flames. It is important that you remove excess vegetation if you hope to reduce the risk of fire. 

Electrical Fires 

Electrical malfunctions happen more often than you might like to imagine. All it takes is a few overloaded circuits or faulty wiring, and sparks will fly, ultimately ending in an electrical fire. The best way to avoid this is to conduct regular inspections and perform maintenance as needed. 

Perhaps most important is making sure all of your electrical work is done by a professional electrician. Wiring is not something the average person should do without professional training. 

Flammable Liquids 

If you're a business that handles flammable liquids then you are even higher at risk than other businesses. Properly storing these flammable liquids is critical to avoid them catching on fire. This is why it's critical that you are familiar with safety regulations, and that your employees are properly trained on how to handle these materials. A little education and training go a long way when it comes to staying safe. 

Heating Sources 

Many businesses rely on heating equipment to stay warm, particularly during the winter months. Unfortunately, any time you have heating equipment in your place of business, you are increasing your chance of fire. Even something as seemingly innocent as a space heater can overheat and ignite, ultimately leading to flames. The best way to prevent these types of fires is by never leaving heat sources on and unattended, and always keeping a fire extinguisher nearby. 

Lastly, always keep heat sources far away from anything flammable. Sometimes all it takes is a little safe distance to avoid a fiery catastrophe.

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