Philanthropy And Charitable Causes

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In today's turbulent times, businesses giving back is more important than ever. Over the last decade, Bootstrap Business owner Michael Schiemer has supported dozens of charities, non-profits, and community organizations both personally and professionally. Mike Schiemer believes in the power of giving back, even when trying to stay frugal with finances or while bootstrapping businesses. Even small contributions add up and make a big difference in our communities, especially in these tumultuous times.

Just some of the organizations he's donated to, raised money for, promoted, or supported include the following frugal philanthropy:

- American Heart Association 

- Salvation Army 

- Amazon Smile

- Planet Aid 


- Rhode Island Blood Center

- Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation 

- Dystonia Medical Research Foundation 

- Cooking Matters

- Alcoholics Anonymous 

- Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund

- United Church Of Christ

- Helping Hands 

- Young Living Foundation


- Additional non-profit and community organizations

As business owners and entrepreneurs, we must remember to give back to our community and help where we can. Every little bit helps! Start a positive cycle and give back to your local and global community.

bootstrap business philanthropy community service

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