5 Top Charity Donation Websites To Donate On

top charity donation websites

People make donations to charitable organizations for various reasons. Thus, when you find a cause dear to your heart, it's natural to feel the need to help. 

While there are numerous problems in this world and worthy charities have been tackling these difficult social issues. However, they won't make much headway without massive support and donation. 

Nevertheless, to ensure your donation counts when providing funding for these causes, it would be best to thoroughly research the charitable organization seeing as some hooligans are using charities to scam unsuspecting people. 

Suppose you have decided to be financially supportive of any cause; the next step is to find a legitimate nonprofit organization that is credible enough to use your fund for good. However, spending long hours on the Internet looking for a good and worthy charity to support is daunting. Thus, we have outlined these best charities to donate to online. 

What's more? Suppose you prefer donating cryptocurrencies; we also included some charitable cryptocurrency websites. You can support a worthy cause by making a donation to them through these 5 top charitable mediums. 

1. Food For Life Global 

For hunger relief organizations, Food for Life Global (FFLG) tops our list. FFLG is a nonprofit vegan hunger charity that's known for its feeding projects across the globe. With over a hundred global networks of affiliates with various projects in over 60 countries, FFLG tackles hunger by serving fresh vegan meals to hungry children each day. 

Food for Life Global also sends relief materials to places destroyed by natural disasters, especially in Africa. This leading international hunger relief organization is one of our best charity donation websites you'll be glad you donated to and one of the few to accept bitcoin donations. 

2. Relief International 

With a focus on developing nations leading to setting up its stations in 16 countries, Relief International provides educational opportunities, medical access, and food to these economically disadvantaged areas. 

Due to the pandemic, Relief International helps these developing countries set up more isolation centers while providing more care packages to the patients. 

3. CARE 

With a focus to end poverty and introduce a world where everyone lives in security and with dignity, CARE is an international nonprofit organization and one we highly recommend for your donation. 

CARE's vision includes creating a world of hope, social justice, and tolerance devoid of poverty. Thus, the nonprofit organization (NPO) is dedicated to restoring the dignity of humans and ending poverty. 

CARE understands the role of women as producers to improve gender equality and promote inclusive governance in developing countries. Thus it provides several programs to that effect. Furthermore, they empower farmers and other agriculturists to boost productivity and take their communities out of hunger. 

4. WhyHunger 

While tackling hunger, WhyHunger has distinguished itself from other charitable organizations by focusing on and addressing hunger's social causes, including elitism, sexism, and racism. 

WhyHunger believes that where there's social justice, everyone will easily access the resources necessary for their survival. Thus, this nonprofit partners with solidarity movements across the globe to amplify existing voices and create awareness about social injustices and inequalities leading to food insufficiency while actively engaging in dialogues with key stakeholders to proffer solutions to ending world hunger. 

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5. Cryptocurrency Websites For Donors 

With the rise of crypto, many people, especially Millennials and Gen Z, utilize this blockchain technology for most of their transactions. Hence, tech-savvy businesses and nonprofit organizations like Food for Life Global have also introduced crypto donations to reach more audiences and sponsors. 

Suppose you'd want to donate cryptos and don't know the organizations for your donation, we've compiled these five crypto fundraising websites for charities, and they include: 

Food For Life

Global Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency donations one of the most tax efficient ways to support Food for Life Global. 


To offer crypto contributions to people living in poverty, GiveCrypto was launched by Coinbase's founder as a crypto platform. 

Building Blocks 

Founded by the UN to help deliver food vouchers to refugees in war-torn Syria, Building Blocks utilizes blockchain technology to eliminate the bureaucracy such relief initiatives face when donating with conventional currencies. That way, aid can easily reach the people who need it faster. 


Although bitcoin is the most popular crypto, Ethereum offers smart contracts and the opportunity to program money for disbursement when some specific conditions are met. 

UNICEF is an example of a nonprofit organization that's digging deeper into using Ethereum. 

UNICEF Game Changers 

Under UNICEF Game Changers, tech-savvy gamers with advanced computer systems are required to download safe apps that mine crypto and donate the mined cryptocurrencies to UNICEF. 


Recipients under Giftcoin must provide proof of their progress, seeing as this platform focuses on monitoring project milestone progress. Thus, to get crypto released to them, recipients must show proof of working. This helps to empower donors, so they'll know how their money is being used. 

How To Know A Highly Effective Charity 

Charitable organizations are different, and there are variations in how much they spend on their programs based on the money they receive compared to their salaried expenses and administrative costs. 

Some nonprofits aren't good with donated money. For example, some charitable organizations spend huge sums on executive salaries while channeling less money into their projects. 

By doing your due diligence and researching beyond the charity donation websites' names and their flashy incentives, you'll be sure your money is going to make a difference. 

Tools To Help You Find The Best Charities 

Some tools will help you determine what charities are best at raising money and achieving results. These tools will help you do some vetting to determine the nonprofits that deserve your money. Some of these tools include: 

1. Charity Watch 
2. BBB Wise Giving Alliance 
3. Charity Navigator 
4. The IRS Nonprofit Charities Database 

Charities Conclusion

The best charity donation websites are the ones that give you satisfaction and pride while witnessing tangible results in their projects. Feel free to donate to any of these charities or NPOs mentioned above. 

Suppose you prefer to donate cryptocurrency; we also listed some credible crypto donation platforms that you can use. Regardless of the type of nonprofit you want to support, whether it is a hunger relief organization or focused on healthcare, you can never do wrong by donating to a worthy cause.

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