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Bitcoin, up to $173.5 billion in June this year, with market capitalization, is the largest blockchain-based on this digital asset. It is also known to be the most successful cryptocurrency, compiled from its media reports, which, through bitcoin and blockchain assets, has included a list of some of the leading initial investors. 

● Both Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, one of the first bitcoin billionaires to be considered, and has included over 100,000 coins. 

● Dan Morehead who first launched the first cryptocurrency fund in the United States, the bitcoin that was trading for about $65. 

● Barry Silbert, who is the founder of this digital currency group, has also made its investments in more than 125 blockchain-related issues. 

1). Barry Silbert 

Barry Silbert his aim was to accelerate the growth of the global financial system of this company by supporting the creation of both bitcoin and blockchain. The digital currency group had invested in all those companies which created more than 125 blocks. It had acquired in 2016 by its news provider, which runs the industry conference. It has emerged as other portfolio companies, its share market includes liquidity providers for all buyers and cryptocurrencies. The bitcoin that helps to manage its investment trust. That holds bitcoin in it, all those investments that give the vehicle asset change and all risk. 

2). Dan Morehead 

Dan Morehead was the founder of pantera capital, and he was the CEO and he was also a chief investment officer. The company, which was one of the first investment firms to focus its attention on bitcoin. Pantera first of all, who started this cryptocurrency fund, at that time bitcoin was traded for about $65. Pantera has invested about 38 in the portfolio. Notable investments, which have taken the value of European exchange Bitstamp into their own. Brave, which is an open-source web browser itself, and it is a decentralized exchange for advertising ecology and systems; morphosis, for all business COINS. It has raised the Polychain capital, a venture fund, which has grown by $200 million. If December 2017 spoke, it showed from the boom and height of the cryptocurrency, that the funds of Pantera capital bitcoin earned a profit of around 24,000% for all investors. 

3). Tyler And Cameron Winklevoss 

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss who have invested both cryptocurrencies and blockchain in their respective businesses, and this one of the most notable types is the Gemini exchange since they were the first person to invest in bitcoins to become a billionaire. They were reportedly holding the $950 million coin by June 2020. The Winklevoss twins launched out of the Gemini exchange in 2015, which allows investors to buy, sell, and store their digital assets. Visit Bitcoin Supersplit if you want to invest in bitcoins. 

4). Michael Novogratz 

It has a group of investments, a group of fort investment, which includes the erstwhile defense fund manager as well as a participant with this Goldman Sachs, Michael Novogratz, who frequently made comments on the value of bitcoin action. Is the founder of galaxy digital holdings, as well as the CEO and chairman. The investment fund that provides its business and management advice on all the assets related to the blockchain. If September 2017 spoke, then the time in the middle of a conspiracy market for cryptocurrency Novogratz speculated that about 20% of all their assets would be this digital asset. They said it was in both bitcoin and ethereum that they invested about $250 million, and bought a private jet through their earnings.

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