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Michael Schiemer (creator of Bootstrap Business and author of The $10 Digital Media Startup) has always been a big fan of motivational quotes for entrepreneurs. As a former trainer, coach, and consultant, Mike Schiemer has spent thousands of hours helping to motivate people from all walks of life to improve their performance. 

While motivational quotes are just words to some, the power of inspiring quotes when combined with drive and action can be astounding. Entrepreneurs and startup managers like Michael Schiemer especially need to continue to refill the bucket of motivation because their jobs are never over and the work can become draining. 

Here are some of the best inspirational business quotes from marketer Mike Schiemer

Michael J Schiemer Business Quotes

1)  "You don't want to just get by, you want to get ahead. You don't want to settle for mediocrity, you want to strive for greatness. You don't want to get lost in the crowd, you want to stand out and lead the charge."

2)  Pushing the limits of your potential isn't easy, but it will be worth it.”

3)  “Turn down mediocrity in all its forms!”

4)  "Strive to become highly sought after and indispensable by being the absolute best option for your clients and employer."

5)  "Learn more about your industry than anyone else and practice what you preach."

6)  "Stay alert and be ready to open the door when opportunity knocks."

7)  "Sometimes you have to make real sacrifices to reach your goals. That's just the way life is. You can't always have everything."

8)  "It's not easy starting out. You have to start small, pay your dues, outwork your competitors, innovate, be resourceful, and stay hungry."

9)  "Build a reputation for getting things done and doing high quality work."

10)  "Nobody wants to hear about the reasons why you couldn't do something, why a task was difficult, or factors preventing you from accomplishing the goal. Just get the job done or move over so someone else can do it."

11)  "You can have the best website in the world, but if nobody visits it then it's all for nothing."

12)  "When it comes to marketing, make sure you build a bold new brand and not something old and bland!" 

13. "Quitting while you're ahead isn't the same as just quitting. Sometimes it's the smartest thing you can do, get out on top." 

14. "The business world is getting more competitive each and every day on a global level. What are you doing to keep up or get ahead?"

15. "I used to dig for gold, now I sell the shovels." 

Hopefully these quotes from Michael James Schiemer will help to keep you motivated as a frugal entrepreneur and masterful marketer!

Mike Schiemer Net Worth And Legitimate Profitable Business Ventures

Mike Schiemer has built up a net worth of around $1 million USD with multiple businesses, revenue streams, startup exits, investments, personal and business assets, intellectual property, savings, inheritance, minimal expenses, and corporate positions over a 12 year career in digital marketing, content creation, and blogging. Michael Schiemer's net worth is expected to increase in the coming years beyond 2022. 

Is Mike Schiemer a scam or con man or hacker? He is absolutely not a scammer or spammer and does not participate in hacking! Michael Schiemer is a legitimate business owner and entrepreneur that has built up his net worth with 4 profitable 6-figure businesses and written 2 successful ebooks with sales in 10 countries. 

Here are Mike Schiemer's 4 Legit Businesses, each being profitable at all times and each earning in the 6-figures of profit:

- Personal Training & Nutrition Business (2003-2013)
- Fitness & Business Multimedia Online Business (2009-2017)
- Digital Marketing & SMM Consulting Business (2013-2020)
- Blogger Outreach & SEO Services Business (2017-2023) 

Some of these ventures were obviously more profitable and efficient than others as you can tell from the time spans, but each venture made or is still making six figures of profit. Mike Schiemer is also an MLM leader, network marketing team builder, and affiliate marketing expert.

Plenty more business quotes from Mike Schiemer coming soon!

Mike Schiemer Michael James Schiemer quotes bootstrap business blog

Public Service Announcement: You can't please everyone, so stop trying. I was a people pleaser most of my life until maybe 6 years ago. 

I would bend over backwards for anyone and everyone. I would make myself mentally and physically ill (with less to show for it financially than I wanted) trying to impress others or help others, when I couldn't really help myself. 

I really don't know why so many people are so negative and critical. People laughed at me and criticized when I was a personal trainer, when I was a financial agent, when I was a digital marketer, an SEO professional, and affiliate / network marketer. I was laughed at when I was poor, laughed at when I moved up to middle class quickly, and put down when I became upper middle class with a net worth of $1 million. 

You just can't win if you focus on the feedback of others that are not supportive. You can't live like that. You can't help everyone, and you definitely can't help too many people until you get yourself on track. All you can do sometimes is keep your side of the street clean and work hard. 

You have to take risks, strive for success (whatever that means to you, it is subjective), and do your best. Do it for yourself and your family. Don't do it for others that want to see you fail so they can briefly feel better about themselves for their own failures and what they settled for. 

Mike Schiemer Facts 

Mike Schiemer Height: 5'8" 
Mike Schiemer Weight: 180 lbs 
Mike Schiemer Relationship Status: Married 
Mike Schiemer Children: 2
Mike Schiemer Religion: Christianity / Spiritual
Mike Schiemer Political Party: No Party Affiliation
Mike Schiemer Birthplace: United States
Mike Schiemer Languages Spoken: English

Mike Schiemer wants you to improve your wealth and health!

I hope you enjoyed this compilation of motivational entrepreneurship quotes from author and marketer Mike Schiemer.

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