How To Use Periscope For Business

how to use periscope for business

The sheer volume of social media platforms makes it hard to navigate for a business—especially a business that manages its every asset and dollar with vigilance. Time is money and sometimes we don't have enough time to utilize all social selling options. But there’s one social media platform that, just from size and use, might bear a little more curiosity for your company: Periscope. 

Owned by Twitter, Periscope is a premium live streaming video platform that counts its users among the tens of millions and its daily viewing hours in the hundreds of thousands. And getting your followers to like and share your videos— and build your community — isn’t as hard as you might think. Follow this business infographic for helpful tips and Periscope inspiration to help live stream more videos for higher views.

Peer into Periscope: How Periscope Can Help Your Business

You've likely heard of Periscope, the app owned by Twitter that lets users share and see live video streams on their mobile devices. Every day, 350,000 hours of video is streamed, and Periscope alone has 1.9 million daily active users. This app and others like it have transformed social media sharing.

Leverage your Twitter accounts and live videos to succeed in your social selling quest!

I hope you enjoyed this article & marketing infographic about how to  successfully use Twitter's Periscope live media platform.

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