Young Living Foundation Partners To Achieve Its Goals

young living foundation partnerships

The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation has worked extensively over the years to provide relief to global communities in need. Much of this work has been conducted through collaborative efforts with partner organizations that are focused on delivering focused services or working in specific areas of need. To better understand how this work is conducted, we looked to recent announcements by the organization highlighting its revamped mission and ongoing work in three key areas. 

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Read on for a deeper look at that work and how the foundation is structuring its efforts for maximum effectiveness. 

Foundation And Company 

The foundation is set up and managed by Young Living, a leader in the field of essential oils. It was originally created by the company’s founder, D. Gary Young, when he witnessed the plight of schoolchildren in developing nations. Seeing a clear and present need for increased access to educational resources, he created the foundation as a means of contributing funds in an organized and meaningful way. These efforts reflect the overall work conducted by the company to not only provide a high-quality product but to also better the lives of customers and production partners in the process. 

Areas Of Focus 

The foundation’s revamped mission highlights its focus on global youth and alleviating the obstacles they often experience with respect to finding access to opportunity. This mission is carried out through three areas of focus. The first area of focus concentrates on access to education and the ways in which it can help encourage economic and life success. The foundation’s work in this area encompasses five major approaches — funding schools, increasing access to education, providing greater access to skills training, developing leadership abilities, and funding access to higher education. 

Another key area of focus for the foundation is the realm of enterprise development. An important component of this work is providing increased access to economic opportunity for women trapped in poverty. Not only does this type of opportunity empower recipients to better their own lives, it also helps them improve the lives of their family members and other members of their community. Since poverty can be generational in nature, intervening in this way helps to create upward economic mobility and provide young people with a greater chance to succeed in their own lives as well. Young Living MLM helps to get its distributors out of poverty and into the world of wealth as well.

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The third focus for the foundation is the end of human exploitation. Far too many individuals are trapped in systems of abuse or exploitation that rob them of freedom and the ability to exercise agency over their lives. In order to help combat these systems of abuse, the foundation has partnered with organizations committed to bringing an end to slavery, human trafficking, and other related practices. 

Key Partnerships 

The foundation’s many partners play an integral role in helping it to accomplish its mission. One example of this is its work with Cities Without Hunger a Brazilian nonprofit that aims to transform unused public and private plots of land into useful community gardens. The foundation is working with the nonprofit to help create access to a new school garden that will feed more than 800 students with a bounty of fresh produce. This work provides children in deprived regions of São Paulo access to healthy food and also helps to prevent malnutrition. 

Another organization that the foundation has a longstanding relationship with is Hope for Justice. The nonprofit’s mission is “to bring an end to modern slavery by preventing exploitation, rescuing victims, restoring lives, and reforming society.” The group’s work is fueled by a belief that freedom is a right worth fighting for until it’s available to every individual on the planet. It accomplishes this through prevention outreach which empowers communities through education to protect themselves and their family members from predatory traffickers. It also engages in efforts to rescue victims of modern slavery and help them overcome trauma so that they can rebuild their lives. 

The foundation also works with a Global Artisan Collaborative in order to provide economic empowerment to women in need. The collaborative consists of 15 women’s groups around the world operating in vulnerable communities. These groups help women to develop economic stability through access to small business loans that allow recipients to build their income-generating capabilities. In doing so, grant recipients not only bear the fruits of their own innate talents, they also pass on the benefits of economic success to their children so that they too can thrive and avail themselves of opportunity. 

New Funds 

The above efforts are fueled, in part, by the foundation’s ongoing fundraising efforts. The most recent example of this was its 2020 Young Living Virtual International Grand Convention. The event helped the foundation raise $1.2 million to be disbursed to its many projects in the pursuit of international development. It also saw the foundation announce a new product — One Heart essential oil blend — that would be allocating 35 percent of its proceeds to these efforts. 

Born from a simple observation of lack of access to opportunity, the Young Living Foundation has emerged as a key player in the global fight against inequality. This ongoing work hinges on the foundation’s ability to fundraise and organize its efforts effectively to promote education, fight human trafficking, and empower economic development. Through close partnerships with a number of dedicated global organizations, the foundation is set to continue to make good on its mission and provide a helping hand in many disenfranchised communities across the world.

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