7 Elements Making A Successful Startup Team

crucial elements successful startup team

Running a successful startup is quite challenging and similar in many ways to playing a game of soccer. Just like soccer, every startup needs to have a group of efficient individuals who can contribute to the success of the venture. The people you hire for your startup will serve as the backbone of the company. It is vital to have the right people in the right place to propel your startup towards growth. 

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Now, before you jump the startup bandwagon and start gathering your troops, you need to ponder over some vital aspects. On that note, here is what makes a successful startup team in 7 simple sections. 

1. A Team That Adapts Together Flourishes Together 

It is essential for a startup to have a team that can embrace the “adapt and flourish” policy in the company. This is what ultimately would lead your business to success. Going by the nature of start-ups, every day won't be the same. And there will be less passionate people who will leave the team soon. 

But those who identify with your vision would stay and adapt to deliver their best. Eventually, these people are going to be the ones to drive revenues for your company. 

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2. The Objective Is To Win 

Individuals on a team may have different roles, but all of them are working towards the same objective. If everyone is carrying out their responsibilities and making sure they are covering for everyone else, then you can cook up a sure shot recipe of success. 

This goes for individuals, teams and companies. If you don’t have a clear direction and aren’t monitoring the progress along the way, there are a lot of errors that you can make. You can waste your precious time and money. And worst of it all, your startup may never fly. 

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3. Teamwork And Communication Are Two Peas In A Pod 

Communication is a pillar on which rests the success of your startup. You cannot establish excellent teamwork if you don’t maintain effective communication between you and your team members. “Poor communication between employees can result in mistakes, conflict, missed deadlines, and lost opportunities”, states Jack Byrne, an academic expert. Now, a startup cannot afford to take such risks in its attempt to succeed. 

Maintaining a seamless flow of communication between everyone in the team is extremely essential. You can carry out engaging team building activities that will not only boost communication between teams but also help you to build a level of confidence and trust. 

4. A Collaborative Approach Is A Necessity 

The best teams always treat collaboration as a vital aspect of success. The leader sets the direction but depends on the team to execute the operations. The leader talks to the team and the teammates talk to each other. When it comes to startups, a lot is said about keeping the roles of the individuals flexible. But this rule doesn’t work well for sports teams neither does it work for the startup companies. 

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t let people exercise the autonomy to go beyond their role, but they have to carry out their primary responsibilities first. In fact, once people understand their roles, their ability to collaborate and accomplish tasks will improve. 

5. Combining The Talents Works Well 

Talent comes with abilities, skills, and expertise that ultimately determine what a person can do. Also, it is important to bring every member’s individual talent into one place to let your business thrive and prosper. Now, as a startup, you must consider saving your resources by hiring members who can or are willing to accomplish multiple tasks. This will not only help to meet the organisational goal but will also cut down the extra cost. 

For instance, you can consider hiring a Content writer with a great knowledge of SEO which will be an advantage for your business. Similarly, appointing a Graphic Designer who is acquainted with website development will further help in propelling the productivity of your business. 

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6. Share The Big Picture To Inspire Passion 

A major aspect of leadership is about having a vision and envisioning the end result so that your team members can see it, and feel it. So, you must set and communicate goals and milestones. This way, everyone in the organisation can feel like they are prospering with the company. 

Now, the problem that crops up in startups is that people feel detached from what’s going on. So, you must focus on explaining to people how the activities they are performing ties in with the big picture. The more your team members believe in the big picture, the more likely it is for you to get buy-in. 

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7. Hire Experienced Individuals 

Employing a team that has prior experience of working in a startup would surely allow your business to have an advantage over your competitors. There are a number of things that a startup should consider before building a strong team for its prolonged growth. These aspects include industry-specific experience, past achievements, etc. 

Focusing on the element of experience would allow you to select the type of team members you need in your startup. 

Strengthen Startup Success

A successful company starts with a good team. You need to gather the best players to fulfill your vision and have them work together towards a common goal. As a leader, you need to aim high, motivate them and make them realise how their contribution falls into the big picture. Also, remember to celebrate every milestone with your team.

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