Reddit Karma Rates: How To Improve Your Balance

how to increase reddit karma get upvotes

Reddit really unites people and allows them to develop their outlook and network or like-minded personalities, would it be customers who enjoy the same hobby or people interested in your brand services and deals. One of the ways to progress on or the Reddit mobile app is to gain karma. There are individuals who believe it is a special platform’s currency, and they are right to some extent. Stay tuned to check out what is hidden under this term and how to get karma on Reddit. Onwards! 

Promoting Currency On Reddit 

Actually, you don’t have to transfer funds to achieve karma on Reddit, but it is definitely a barter-based relationship. In its essence, the notion under analysis is a score of any account within the system. It is a figure calculation achieved by finding the difference between downvotes and upvotes. 

With the help of karma on this online forum, customers can access more exclusive opportunities. For instance, there are communities with exclusive sign-in conditions, and karma solves this problem. Besides, this so-called currency enables interested parties to start their custom feed and unite readers under the roof of their own subreddit. 

The balance between positive and negative karma largely depends on the user’s behavior on Reddit. That is the place where spam and trolling aren’t welcome at all. 

Expert Recommendations: How To Get Karma On Reddit 

Overall, there are two basic categories of karma for Reddit. The names are pretty self-explanatory — comment and post karma imply the most common ways to improve users’ balance in the system:

• Ensure your content quality. The more viewers and readers are satisfied with it and find it useful / helpful / appealing (depending on the subreddit where you operate), the more upvotes you are likely to receive. In turn, the balance will be beneficial and results in karma points. Please note that the number of positive upvotes won’t equal the number of positive karma scored. Reddit has its own algorithms of calculation. 

• There are some new methods to influence your karma score. For example, rewarding others and receiving compliments. 

• In the case of Reddit, there is a perfect time to prepare posts to increase the traffic, so don’t hesitate to use the benefits the system’s peak hours offer, namely, two hours on Sunday morning till 8 a.m. EST. 

• Another great option to get upvotes is to ask open-ended questions on Reddit. 

• Posts’ visibility is an obstacle on the way to getting good karma points. Rising or new posts will serve great for enthusiasts who are on the hunt for increasing reputation in the forum. 

Reddit Wrap Up 

All in all, there is nothing challenging or overly demanding in receiving karma points on Reddit. A lot of users even consider it as a sort of competition and desire to get more scores than they actually need. Apart from functioning as a sort of currency, providing access to additional opportunities on Reddit, karma is a natural detector of content quality and username’s reputation.

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