Marketing Theories Lie To You

If you’ve been in the business industry for a while, you have surely come across countless articles on this blog and on others about how you need to plan a marketing strategy to build an effective digital presence. There is no denying that without a marketing strategy you can’t establish any successful path. But, everything you see and read about digital marketing needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. Indeed, digital analysts and growth hackers have shown great improvements in the way used to link data to behavioral patterns and to influence business decisions as a result. However, sometimes, it so happens that when you’ve got your head filled with data you can forget what makes people so special: They’re human, and they can, therefore, be unpredictable, illogical or emotionally driven. In other words, data knowledge is useful, but it doesn’t provide you with the ultimate truth. Here’s a little reminder of what people do that doesn’t need to be backed up by any marketing theory.

What Do You Need From A Website? 

Of course, the theories about an effective website demand that it is professionally built, and provides an effective UX for visitors. In reality, you don’t need to consult an expert on the best web design; you can use the resources provided by to build your site. Quite obviously, you want to be able to access your website whenever you need to, which means that you want to read the content easily even on your smartphone screen. This common sense conclusion matches the SEO ranking factors that stipulate that unresponsive websites are getting penalized. But you don’t need to rely on theoretical knowledge to know that accessibility is important. Additionally, you also want a website that doesn’t irritate users. Who’s got time for popups, auto-play videos and impossible navigation menus? Surprisingly, you’ll find that some marketing experts recommend these attention grabbers. Simply ask yourself how you would react to know what to do. 

Who Needs SEO When You Care About Your Customers? 

The SEO trends tend to evolve rapidly with the algorithm improvements made by Google. You will find a lot of informative recommendations about UX, useful content and even the learning process of the Google search algorithm. While these statements are true; you shouldn’t be wasting time on learning everything about the latest SEO strategy. Instead, focus your energy on creating content with the interest of your customers at heart. Don’t think keyword placements, think people. Then it will be obvious how you should write for them. 

Ultimately People Buy The Best Solution For Their Needs 

According to, you need to develop an acquisition strategy based on your customer profile. However, your customer profile is not always the logical conclusion on demographics or location. Some people chose to buy from your website because they were too lazy to look any further. Others were submitted to peer pressure and committed to purchasing. Some bought on behalf of someone else. In short, the digital data doesn’t tell the whole story and can’t be 100% accurate. 

In conclusion, while you should be aware of the latest marketing trends and developments, you also need to remember that ultimately the digital medium is only a bridge between individuals who have different needs, perspectives, emotions and moods at any given time. Not everything your customers do follows a logic.

I hope you enjoyed this article about why you should reconsider some preconceived notions and popular theories on marketing.

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