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In the past, thieves had to break through physical locks and barriers to steal money and information. But today, a talented hacker could try to access your business information and finances without ever stepping foot inside. But while digital thieves and hackers may seem unstoppable, they really aren't. Making use of some basic precautions how small business cyber security and defenses can deter and prevent hackers and cyber crooks from ever harming you or your business 

1. Establish Precautionary Habits 

Carelessness can make it easy for hackers to obtain the information they need. Establishing rules and guidelines for yourself and your employees to follow can help keep your business secure. When an employee needs to work remotely, make sure the network they're connected to is secure. Avoid downloading unneeded software, and be careful when clicking on links sent in emails. It's also a good idea to purge information from your site whenever possible. Don't store unnecessary email addresses, credit card information, or other customer details. Doing so will only give cyber thieves more reason to attack. 

2. Analyze Behavior to Catch Suspicious Activity 

You probably already analyze user behavior to improve your marketing technique, and it's wise to also analyze user activity to spot attempts to harm your site. Installing security programs that assist in detecting unusual behavior can help you thwart hackers and digital thieves before they break into your site. 

3. Test Your Security by Hiring Hackers 

This may seem like an odd thing to do, but hacking is actually a legal and legitimate job for some, who are known as "white-hat" hackers. They work for you by testing your site for weaknesses, and then report their findings to you. This process allows you to identify potential problems before a real hacker or fraud expert with malicious intent finds and exploits those weak areas. 

4. Encourage Customers to Have Strong Account Protection 

Does your site allow users to create their own accounts? If so, it's important for you to help each person make sure their account is secure. Expert technicians at Stealthbits advise making your system defensible, and one of the first points of protection are strong password credentials. 

Require users to create difficult passwords, rather than allowing just any combination of numbers or letters, and make sure any security questions don't have easy-to- find answers. Remember, with the advent of social media it's not terribly difficult to stalk a complete stranger and learn their mother's maiden name -- so that sort of question isn't very secure.

Strengthen Your Cybersecurity

Remember that every part of your cyber security system is important. One weak link can compromise the integrity of your entire website. Be vigilant and proactive about your digital security now, rather than waiting until an actual threat is located.

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I hope you enjoyed this post about how to shield your company from digital thieves! Stay safe out there and avoid hackers!

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