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Blogger Outreach, in the forms of guest blogging and sponsored content, is one of the most potent methods for improving your website's traffic and search engine optimization. By building high-quality backlinks on reputable blogs like mine through blog outreach services, your company's or client's SEO will improve drastically. 

I offer very reasonable fees for blogger outreach services here on my website Bootstrap Business (Domain Authority 41 on Moz and Domain Rating 63 on Ahrefs), Frugal Fitness (Domain Authority 32 on Moz and Domain Rating 40 on Ahrefs), and 8 other blogs I own in the business, finance, tech, fitness, health, and beauty niches (listed below), all sites with DA 16-41 and DR 10-63. And that's after the latest Moz Domain Authority update which exposed a lot of lower quality websites and PBN sites! 

As a US-based SEO professional, I've been working with hundreds of SEO agencies, marketing firms, bloggers, authors, and freelance content marketers in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, India, and beyond for the last decade with excellent results. I've even worked directly for the biggest blogger names in blogger outreach, content marketing, digital marketing, and SEO to improve their link-building. effots

I've also provided link-building and content marketing for businesses of all sizes including global corporations like American Express, Nissan, GNC, Reebok, Allstate, and UnitedHealth.

High-Quality English (US) Content Writing Services

In addition to blog outreach services, I also offer my writing services or ghostwriting expertise for an additional reasonable fee for 500+ word or 1,000-word articles that can be published on my websites. This can be a big time and money saver if you aren't able to write the articles yourself and don't have an affordable method of outsourcing a blog post writer. I've written thousands of high-quality blog posts for large corporations and small businesses alike, and have self-published 2 eBooks with sales in 10 countries. I know how to write for SEO and conversions!

Why Hire Bootstrap Business Blogger Outreach?

Bootstrap Business Blogger Outreach Services has written and placed 2,000+ posts on hundreds of blogs and websites for dozens of SEO agencies, marketing firms, bloggers, and freelance marketers across the globe. 

You get placement and/or writing content created usually within 24 hours, and often times much sooner. You get an experienced US-based writer that is also a marketing and SEO expert with a decade of real-world experience. All links are dofollow and you can include an author bio if desired. I add at least a couple internal links in each article, and will also internally link to your article in other posts on my website(s).

I also share each published post on associated social media accounts including Twitter, Facebook Page or Group, a LinkedIn Company Page, and Pinterest depending on the blog. If it is an especially high-quality will include it in my weekly Email Newsletter and possibly tweet it every week to my large following. 

Additional Upcoming Blogs & Bloggers

Although I currently only offer the best blogging outreach services for the blogs mentioned, in the near future I will be expanding this offering for placement on other high-quality blogs and reputable websites that I've personally approved of. 

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about my blogger outreach services, or are interested in purchasing a package or monthly subscription for the best blogging outreach on a budget. 

Blogger Outreach Blogs Available
Blogger Outreach Packages Available For Bulk Orders

bootstrap business blog outreach service

1. Bootstrap Business (Blog Domain Authority 41, DR 63)

Topics Covered: Marketing, Social Media, Tech, Finance, Blogging

frugal finance blogger outreach services

2. Frugal Finance (Blog Domain Authority 32, DR 40)

Topics Covered: Business, Finance, Tech, Marketing, Travel, Fitness

lean startup life blog small business blogger outreach agency

3. Lean Startup Life (Blog Domain Authority 28)

Topics Covered: Business, Marketing, Finance, Health, Fitness

marketing masterminds blogger outreach linkbuilding

4. Marketing Masterminds (Blog Domain Authority 22)

Topics Covered: Social Media, SEO, Blogging, Email, Branding

social selling entrepreneur blog social media marketing blogger outreach

5. Social Selling Entrepreneur (Blog Domain Authority 24)

Topics Covered: Social Media, Social Sales, Influencer Marketing

cheap computer server blog blogger outreach buy backlinks

6. Cheap Computer Server & Hosting (Blog DA 17)

Topics Covered: Web Hosting, Servers, IT, Tech, SEO, Web Design

recover reputation blog online reputation management blogger outreach backlink

7. Recover Reputation (Blog Domain Authority 16)

Topics Covered: Reputation Management, ORM, SEO, Career, PR

fiscal fitness blog blogger outreach publisher site

8. Fiscal Fitness (Blog Domain Authority 18)

Topics Covered: Finance, Taxes, Business, Marketing, Tech, Fitness

divine designs great graphics & business branding blog

9. Divine Designs (Blog Domain Authority 16)

Branding, Advertising, Graphic Design, Branding, Beauty, Fashion

stock market opens blog investing blogger outreach invest blog outreaching

10. Stock Market Opens (Blog Domain Authority 22)

Topics Covered: Stock, Investing, Bonds, Crypto, Forex, Finance

Each website also has its own social media channels to further increase website traffic, indexing speed, and keyword ranking.

Article Syndication Opportunities

I can also publish your content to my Medium, LinkedIn Pulse, or Goodreads as well for additional amplification and some nofollow links for your blog outreach link-building strategy.

Vlogger Outreach

Vlogger outreach is another powerful content marketing strategy to complement your blogger outreach and organic link-building. While I am not currently a very active vlogger / YouTube Creator,  I do have 2 YouTube Channels with decent subscriber numbers where I can publish your company's videos, complete with optimized listings including your website links.

- Bootstrap Business Broadcasting (9,000+ subscribers)

- Michael J. Schiemer YouTube (2,000+ subscribers) 

Podcaster Outreach

While I am not currently a very active podcaster, I do have my podcast "The Profit Power Podcast" where I can publish your audio file or podcast episode for syndication on Soundcloud, iTunes, YouTube, and Google Play. Podcasting provides a great complement to your traditional blogger outreach strategy!

- Soundcloud
- iTunes
- Google Play
- YouTube

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Build Better Backlinks With Bootstrap Business Blog Outreach:

Now you understand all of the reasons why utilizing blogger outreach services, link injections and ghostwriting professional services are so important. Don't just buy backlinks from some sketchy website that will end up earning you a Google penalty. Don't hire that incredibly expensive blog outreach agency that treats you like just a number. Work with the best in blogger outreach to boost your brand and strengthen your SEO significantly. Build better backlinks today!

Do you want to take the next step to boost your business? Contact me now so I can give you a blogger outreach service estimate or get started writing or rewriting your content!

Also check out our Influencer Marketing services to complement your blogger outreach branding and SEO campaigns. 

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