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Let's get real, it is getting harder and harder to rank for any keywords on Google or other top search engines each month. Recent events made every business prioritize digital marketing and content creation have accelerated competitive and congested search engine results pages in 2024. SEO certainly isn't dead, but it is more difficult than ever before unless you are a blogging and link-building expert. Google is hurting and wants to take it out on your website organic traffic to make up for their Google Ads revenue decrease. Their algorithm updates are almost weekly now to lower your visitors and to try and preemptively thwart ChatGPT content.

When you have to compete with every local, national, and global company on an increasingly congested world wide web, what chance does your site have to make it to Page 1 of Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, YouTube, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, and Baidu? This is especially true when a lot of your competitors have much higher budgets, and might even be overpaying for PPC just to steal those top search engine results spots. Pay-per-click advertising like Google Ads cost a fortune now as well due to big bidding wars. And with ChatGPT potentially making quality content ubiquitous, backlinks are a big differentiator if you can earn them.

So what is a website owner to do with plummeting organic traffic? How can SEO agencies and their clients rank higher in the SERPs? Get an edge with the best Blogger Outreach Services for backlinks and dofollow link insertions for 2024!

Best Blogger Outreach Service

Blogger Outreach, in the forms of guest blogging and sponsored content, is one of the most potent methods for improving your website's traffic and search engine optimization. By building high-quality backlinks on reputable blogs like mine through our best blog outreach services or dofollow link inserts, your company's or client's SEO will improve drastically. Niche edits and dofollow advertorial links make a big difference in your website backlink profile. Backlinks make a big difference in your website rankings. Here are some link-building statistics that support this, along with the recently leaked 14,000 ranking points Google uses for websites:

- 90% of link builders state that nofollow links impact search rankings 
- 69% of SEO professionals, believe purchasing links can positively influence rankings 
- 94% believe that, even in five years, links will continue to be a critical factor in Google’s ranking criteria 
- 67% of respondents indicated that the Domain Rating (DR) by Ahrefs is the most favored metric

I offer very reasonable fees for blogger outreach services here on my website Bootstrap Business (Domain Authority 42 on Moz, Site Authority 53 on SEMrush, and Domain Rating 60 on Ahrefs), Everything Entrepreneur (DA: 44, SA: 38, DR: 37), Frugal Finance (Domain Authority 30 on Moz, PA 40, and Domain Rating 43 on Ahrefs), and 9 other blogs I own in the business, finance, tech, fitness, health, and beauty niches (listed below), all sites with DA 10-44 and DR 13-60. And that is after the latest Moz Domain Authority update which exposed a lot of lower quality websites and PBN sites! My sites have also survived and thrived against countless Google Spam algorithm changes and core updates unlike many other guest posting sites offering backlinking services, and proudly hold low spam scores. 

If you don't know SEO, it is always a good idea to get a wide variety of backlinks with different domain authority levels from various IP addresses, different web hosts, a variety of TLD, and from low spam sites with consistently updated unique content plus strong backlink profiles. 

Essential Experience

As an experienced US-based SEO professional, I have been working with hundreds of SEO agencies, marketing firms, bloggers, authors, and freelance content marketers in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, South Africa, India, and beyond for the last decade with excellent results. I have even worked directly for the biggest blogger names in blogger outreach, content marketing, digital marketing, and SEO to improve their link-building efforts.

With our best blogger outreach service we have also provided white hat link-building and content marketing for businesses of all sizes including global corporations like Adobe, American Express, Intuit, Nissan, GNC, Reebok, Allstate, and UnitedHealth just to name a few.

High-Quality English (US) Content Writing Services

In addition to blog outreach services, for some top clients I also offer my writing services or ghostwriting expertise to some customers for an additional reasonable fee for 500+ word or 1,000-word articles that can be published on my websites. This can be a big time and money saver if you aren't able to write the articles yourself and don't have an affordable method of outsourcing a blog post writer. I've written thousands of high-quality blog posts for large corporations and small businesses alike, and have self-published 2 eBooks with sales in 10 countries. I know how to write for SEO and conversions in 2024!

Why Hire Bootstrap Business Blogger Outreach?

Bootstrap Business Blogger Outreach Services has written and placed 10,000+ posts on hundreds of blogs and websites for dozens of SEO agencies, marketing firms, bloggers, and freelance marketers across the globe. 

You get placement and/or writing content created usually within 24 hours, and often times much sooner. You get an experienced US-based writer that is also a marketing and SEO expert with a decade of real-world experience. All links are dofollow and you can include an author bio if desired. I add at least a couple internal links in each article, and will also internally link to your article in other posts on my website(s).

I also share each published post on associated social media accounts including Twitter, Facebook Page or Group, a LinkedIn Company Page, and Pinterest depending on the blog. If it is an especially high-quality will include it in my weekly Email Newsletter and possibly tweet it every week to my large following. This makes your sponsored blog posts and link inserts even more effective in 2024.

Additional Upcoming Blogs & Bloggers

Although I currently only offer the best blogging outreach services for the blogs mentioned, in the near future I will be expanding this offering for placement on other high-quality blogs and reputable websites that I have personally approved of. 

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about my blogger outreach services, placing dofollow backlink insertions, or are interested in purchasing a package or monthly subscription for the best blogging outreach on a budget. 

Blogger Outreach 20 Blogs Available
Best Blogger Outreach Packages Available For Bulk Orders And Dofollow Link Inserts

1. (This Site) 

(Blog Domain Authority 43, SA 45, DR 60)

Topics: Business, Marketing, Social Media, Tech, SEO, Finance, Blogging


(Blog Domain Authority 30, SA 34, DR 40)

Topics: Business, Finance, DIY, Marketing, SEO, Travel, Fitness 


(Blog DA 44, DR 37, SA 38) 

Topics: Business, Entrepreneurship, Startups, MLM, Work From Home


(Blog Domain Authority 30, PA 31)

Topics: Business, Marketing, Finance, SEO, Tech, Startups, PPC


(Blog Domain Authority 23, PA 30)

Topics: Social Media, SEO, SEM, Blogging, Email, Branding 


(Blog Domain Authority 21, PA 25)

Topics: Home Business, Entrepreneurship, MLM, SEO, PPC, WFH


(Blog Domain Authority 14, PA 24)

Topics: Social Media, Social Sales, Influencer Marketing, SEO


(Blog DA 12, PA 27)

Topics: Web Hosting, Servers, IT, Tech, Cloud, SEO, Web Design, SaaS


(Blog Domain Authority 16, PA 27)

Topics: Reputation Management, ORM, SEO, Career, Google, PR


(Blog Domain Authority 11, PA 22)

Topics: Finance, Taxes, Business, Marketing, Tech, SEO, Debt


(Blog Domain Authority 15, PA 23)

Topics: Branding, Advertising, Graphic Design, Branding, SEO


(Blog Domain Authority 20, PA 22)

Topics: Stock, Investing, Bonds, Crypto, Forex, Finance, Bitcoin


(Blog Domain Authority 19, PA 16)

Topics: Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, Google, Social Media, CRM 


(Blog Domain Authority: 14, PA 15) 

Topics: Startups, Small Business, Marketing, Tech, Finance, SEO


(Blog Domain Authority: 14, PA 13)

Topics: Media, Web Design, Social Selling, Digital Marketing, SEO 


(Blog Domain Authority: 10, PA 11)

Topics: Beauty, Fashion, Hair, Wellness, Fitness, Clothing


(Blog Domain Authority 10, PA 12)

Topics: Networking Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Direct Selling, MLM


(Blog Domain Authority 11, PA 13)

Topics: Loans, Finance, Startups, Small Business, Merchant Cash Advances


(Blog Domain Authority 10, PA 12)

Topics: Loans, Merchant Cash Advance, Financing, Funding


(Blog Domain Authority 10, PA 13) 

Topics: Wellness, Sobriety, Health, Addiction, Alternative Medicine

Many of these top blogger outreach websites have their own social media channels posting links to articles and pages to further increase website traffic, indexing speed, and keyword ranking. Many of these guest posting blogs also have daily or weekly subscribers for additional traffic to new posts and referral traffic potential. 

More Great Guest Posting Blogs Coming Soon!

Article Syndication Opportunities

I can also publish your content to my Medium, LinkedIn Pulse, Quora Blog, WordPress, Blogspot, and/or Goodreads sites as well for additional amplification and some extra high authority links for your blog outreach link-building strategy. Your articles could also potentially get syndicated on other major websites, blogs, press releases, and ezines organically just from being published on my websites. This gives you a variety of high-authority backlinks and a mix of dofollow and nofollow links pointing to your business website.

Publish Your Press Releases

Does your business have an important press release to publish? Do you want to reach a new and greater audience, while generating backlinks and citations for SEO? We can publish your business press releases on any or all of our websites and syndication accounts for a nominal fee and share them on our social media accounts. Press releases are powerful tools, especially when they can earn you media mentions and backlinks!

Vlogger Outreach

Vlogger outreach is another powerful content marketing strategy to complement your blogger outreach and organic link-building. While I am not currently a very active vlogger / YouTube Creator,  I do have 2 YouTube Channels with decent subscriber numbers where I can publish your company's videos, complete with optimized listings including your website links.

- Bootstrap Business Broadcasting (8,000+ subscribers)

- Michael J. Schiemer YouTube (2,000+ subscribers) 

Podcast Outreach

While I am not currently a very active podcaster, I do have my podcast "The Profit Power Podcast" where I can publish your audio file or podcast episode for syndication on Soundcloud, iTunes, YouTube, and Google Play. Podcasting provides a great complement to your traditional blogger outreach strategy and linkbuilding techniques!

- Soundcloud
- iTunes / Apple Music
- Google Play
- YouTube

FAQs And Site Service Agreement

Terms, Conditions & FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions For Bootstrap Business Blogger Outreach And Bargain Backlinks  

What Do Regular Backlinks Cost? 

The cost of sponsored posts and backlink insertions varies widely, but typically high-quality backlinks cost $80 to $300+ per link if they are dofollow. Some backlinks on top authority websites could even cost up to $1,000 per link. 

How Much Do Our Backlinks Cost? 

Our backlinks typically cost only $75, either in the form of a new sponsored blog post or a link insertion into an existing post. That’s why they are bargain backlinks, high quality links on a budget!

Are Your Sites US-Based And English? 

Yes all of our Bargain Backlink sites are US hosted and managed websites, in English. While there is nothing wrong with getting backlinks on on-US and non-English websites, they aren’t always as valuable on average from a client and SEO perspective. 

Are My Links Marked As Sponsored Or NoFollow? 

No links will not be marked as sponsored or NoFollow unless you specifically as me to. If requested I can also mark links as sponsored, or the entire post as sponsored / guest for your blogger outreach service order. 

The admin fees are for my time spent (and to assist with my website hosting and web domain fees) and not for the links themselves, so this does not technically violate Google’s guidelines and require Sponsored or NoFollow tags. 

What Types Of Links And Articles Do You Allow? 

We allow links of all types through our blogger outreach service including grey hat industries like gambling, casino, betting, loans, Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, MLM, CBD, kratom, cannabis, hemp, and some dating links. 

What Types Of Link Do You Not Allow? 

We do not allow any adult links, some dating links, or links for anything predominantly illegal. CBD, Kratom, and Marijuana links aren’t preferred but are usually fine because they are legal in many US states and other countries, and being legalized in more places daily, but may cost extra due to the extra risk of publishing them. Google doesn’t always appreciate these types of posts and can potentially lower my site ranking for publishing this type of content. Also while casino, forex, crypto, loan, and investing links or blog posts are allowed, they can't link out to malware, virus, or scam sites.

How Long Are My Links Active? 

Links are active for at least 1 year if not permanently. I check my sites for dead / broken links each month and if a website is down I may remove the links. Dead links or broken links are bad for site SEO overall and need to removed to avoid permanent site damage. 

Are My Posts Indexed? 

All posts are indexed, usually within 24 hours, but this is done automatically through Sitemaps and Google. If you are noticing a rare post that hasn’t been indexed, kindly let us know and we can submit it manually to Google Search Console (when possible) or build links to it to expedite indexing. 

How Many Words Do New Posts Need To Be? 

Minimum article requirements are at least 600 words for new posts, but we encourage longer posts for better keyword ranking and traffic results. All new posts submitted must be 100% plagiarism free, checked by Copyscape or a similar checker, and not a spun / rewritten article. If the article is written with ChatGPT, it must provide value and appear to be a naturally written work.

What Is Your Turnaround Time (TAT)? 

Turnaround time to publish new articles or to do link insertions is usually 24-48 hours. Often times the TAT is much quicker than that, especially for backlink insertion orders. Occasionally orders will take longer due to a busy queue, vacation, technical difficulties, or other rare circumstances. We have the best blogger outreach service in the world because of our quick publishing times and fast promotion of content. 

Will My Post Be Featured On The Homepage? 

Your new post will grace the homepage… but due to the high volume of articles we publish on a daily or weekly basis, we can’t guarantee your post will be on the home page for more than a couple hours. That being said, it could be featured on the home page for many days or weeks depending on publishing volume and how much traffic the post receives. Higher quality posts with higher word counts are usually featured more often and shared more often on social media. Posts are usually added to the relevant Category page such as “SEO” or “Marketing”. Some sponsored posts will be featured longer or shorter depending on whether the site visitor is using the mobile or desktop version of the website.

How Are Posts Promoted Online? 

Each post published from a blogger outreach service order is shared on social media manually and/or automatically including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and sometimes Pinterest. Most of our sites have daily and weekly subscribers so they get emails during that frequency. Some of the posts shared on social media will get reshared as well, and sometimes generate backlinks as a result. Internal links are usually created to all posts, and sometimes external backlinks are generated for new posts. Some websites and social media accounts are also alerted via RSS feeds when new posts are published. 

You are certainly welcome to join in on the efforts to share your newly published articles or posts where your backlinks have been inserted to help speed up indexing and ranking. 

Can I Include Images, Infographics, And Videos? 

Due to time constraints and maintaining site speed, I prefer 1 image to be used per post. You can provide me with an image from a royalty free site (such as Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash, or Canva), screenshot, image you create, or image you own the rights to or I will add 1 relevant image in the beginning. 

Infographics must be created using Embedly for website compatibility (especially for mobile) so I may need to mention your link elsewhere in the article and not on the image directly. YouTube videos can be embedded or linked to directly with text. That being said, infographics and embedded videos slow down the site and sometimes hurt page ranking so I prefer not using them unless absolutely necessary. 

Can I Publish Duplicate Syndicated Content Of Mine On Your Blogs?

Ideally you want 100% unique content published, not something that has already been published elsewhere and then syndicated. Sometimes that does work but a lot of times duplicate content will hurt both posts and websites. It is much harder to get a syndicated article even indexed by Google and almost impossible to rank it well in search engines. This even occurs sometimes when an article is clumsily rewritten or translated from another language. 

That is why link insertions work very well if you don't have time to write new content or have a writing team. We can find an article that is at least related to your niche that is already indexed by Google and unique, and add in your requested anchor text and link. It is easier to add in a few words or sentences to an existing article than create a whole new article from scratch, get it indexed, promote it on digital marketing platforms, and wait months for it to have even a chance to rank.

What Payments Do You Accept? 

We accept payment for blogger outreach services or backlink purchases primarily on PayPal via PayPal ID direct payment or PayPal invoice. The only other option is Venmo if needed.

What If I Don’t Pay My Invoice? 

Most orders you must pay up front before I complete them, especially for new customers with no payment history. If you don’t pay for an order in advance, then invoices are due to pay within 24 hours. In some situations I will be flexible and allow more time, but that is the exception to the rule and shouldn’t be the norm. If you don’t pay your invoice then I may remove your client links until payment is received, then I can quickly add your links back in. Repeated late payments or non-payments could result in additional fees, up-front payment requirements, removal or previous link orders, or termination of business arrangement. If you submitted a new guest post and do not pay your invoice, the post will remain on the site due to the time already spent editing, formatting, sharing, and linking to it and it will not be removed. At most I may offer to tweak the title or change a few words, meta description, etc. If you send me content and I publish it but then you refuse to make payment or disagree with the price, I will not take down the published blog post but will remove client links if they haven't been removed already.

Do You Offer Refunds? 

We don’t offer refunds because we do the work up front and provide 24 hours for payment to be made after work has been completed. The time spent on completing the order, and any promotion / link-building made after the fact, can’t be refunded to us in turn. There are also fees and financial complications involved with refunds and PayPal, so refunds are not offered. Substitutions or credit may be offered instead depending on circumstances. 

Can I Make Adjustments To My Backlink Order? 

Yes you can make some adjustments to your orders, usually at no cost, but repeated alterations make cost extra or could be refused. Each adjustment takes time out of my schedule, so too much additional time may cost more. 

What If Google Applies A Manual Action To Our Website? 

Unfortunately when it comes to building links, whether you purchase them or not, you risk a Google Manual Action which can throttle your search engine rankings and organic traffic. Even snow white hat SEO link-building techniques can trigger manual actions from Google! 

Anything can happen with Google since they are constantly shifting policies or focuses, so we are not liable for any potential manual actions or spam flags or spam rating increases. In nearly all cases, manual actions are applied due to a multitude of backlinks, anchor texts, website content, traffic sources, and other factors and not just one backlinks provider or blogger outreach service order. Spam ratings or backlinks from services like Moz, Ahrefs, and SEMrush are subjective and not always accurate or completely aligned with exactly how Google interprets backlinks. 

That being said, we obviously wouldn’t be in business if our sites caused manual actions, or at least not on their own. Our sites aren’t built on PBN’s, we use white hat and grey hat SEO methods to grow our sites, and we try to keep all of our blog and web page content updated and growing naturally. 

If you do think a link from one of our sites is causing a manual action, spam flag, or drop in traffic then let us know and we can mark it as sponsored, nofollow, or remove it entirely. Usually this can be done quickly and at no additional cost for the inconvenience.

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Blogger outreach, building backlinks, and guest posting are not a walk in the park. We will have more Blogger Outreach Articles From Backlink Experts Coming Soon in 2024 and 2025!

Build Better Backlinks With Bootstrap Business Blog Outreach:

Now you understand all of the reasons why utilizing blogger outreach services, link injections and ghostwriting professional services are so important for website SEO success. Don't just buy backlinks from some sketchy website that will end up earning you a Google penalty. Don't hire that incredibly expensive blog outreach agency that treats you like just a number. Work with the best in blogger outreach to boost your brand and strengthen your SEO significantly. Build better backlinks today with blog outreach so your SEO can soar!

Do you want to take the next step to boost your business SEO with a better backlinked profile? Contact me now so I can give you a blogger outreach service estimate or get started writing or rewriting your content!

Also check out our SEO Management Services and Influencer Marketing services to complement your blogger outreach branding and SEO campaigns. 

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