10 Expert SEO Link Building Techniques

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Link building is the key in any search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to work well. Having a good link building campaign is vital to increase the authority of your website in Google's terms. These earned backlinks result in generating quality traffic to websites, and improve your site rankings in Google. 

In this blog post, you will learn the top most effective link building strategies that you can apply to your site for improved keyword rankings and organic search traffic. 

What Is Link Building? 

Before moving on to the best SEO strategies, it is worth mentioning that link building is an off-page SEO technique that consists of getting authority links from different websites in order to increase your sites’ trust on Google. You can contact your local SEO service provider, for Dubai, you can search SEO Company in Dubai to get a better local market analyses. 

But beware, not all links have high authority, there are a number of sites that offer spammy links that can hurt your SEO strategy. The external links from relevant pages and a theme to ours have much more value than those generated on websites some important, i.e. low quality, with little authority and little traffic. 

Google's goal is for backlinks to be generated organically without any spam. That as a result of the relevance, interest, or quality of the information contained on a website, other websites link it naturally, but in reality that does not happen at all. Every day it is more difficult to position a website in the first results and to achieve this it is essential to carry out, among other SEO techniques, the construction of links. 

For this, it is necessary to define very well how to carry out the link building strategy taking into account a series of aspects such as quality, quantity, anchor texts, the percentage of do-follow and no-follow links, etc. 

The 10 Top SEO Link Building Techniques Used By SEO Companies 

Any website ranking plan must take into account the link building strategy as a priority. This technique is undoubtedly one of the pillars of SEO, but it is not the only one. There are many other important aspects of backlinks that must be taken into account when positioning your website for higher ranking in the SERPs. 

1. Most Relevant Forum Links Pointing To Your Site 

This technique is still one of the most valued among SEO professionals. Basically it consists of creating a profile on the forum and including a backlink that points to your website. 

To take full advantage of the potential of this strategy, it is important to choose an active forum, the theme of which is ultimately ours and of great authority. 

2. Guest Blogging 

The Win-Win Resource Creating valuable guest posts is another very important technique in a link building strategy. It is an excellent way to get a quality link by offering to write an original article at no cost to the blogger who hosts it. 

This includes creating a complete blog and posting onto the site that is relevant and possesses some value on Google. The post consists of 2 anchor links that point to your site casting a vote, that your website is worth following. 

3. Leveraging Broken Links 

This strategy is crucial among all as you need proper research to initiate it. A broken link is a term used to refer to a link that links to a page that does not exist or that has stopped working. This can happen because the page pointed to by the link has ceased to exist, or because the URL has been modified and a redirect has not been done. 

In case of finding such pages, you can contact the admin to remove such pages and replace them with your valuable content that might bring them some traffic. This is a very key SEO strategy nowadays. 

4. Generate Backlinks With Publications In The Press 

This tactic involves investing some money in publishing press releases in highly authoritative media sites. 

It is a very powerful alternative that can mean a real increase in visits to our website and of course improve positions in the SERPs. We can find a means where to publish news that links our website through such platforms. Unleash the power of PR and press releases!

5. Bookmarking, Link Building Through Social Bookmarks 

Bookmarking, also known as Social Bookmarks, are online services that allow the user to save, classify, or share news of their interest. 

It is a system similar to the favorites or bookmarks of web browsers but much more affordable since the information collected is in the cloud and allows access from any device. In SEO, bookmarks are very useful to increase web traffic, online presence, and improve web positioning. 

6. Spy On The Competition's Links 

Knowing what and how our competitors are doing it is key when determining our SEO strategy. Either to inspire us, to discover what works for them or you can directly learn from them. 

If we are in a highly competitive niche, a rather interesting tactic is to "spy" on our best-positioned competitors. If they are in the first organic positions, in the keywords that we want to attack, they are surely doing SEO, so why not take a look at the backlinks that are aimed at our competitor. Also, one of the best ways in building backlinks is to hire an SEO agency and opt in for their monthly link building packages.

7. Valuable Links In .Edu And .Gov Domains 

The .edu domains are quite authoritative sites that offers learning services. They tend to have a lot of authority and are highly valued by Google. Getting a link from our website to a .edu domain will give us an instant boost in our positioning strategy. 

The same goes for .gov domain backlinks but those are often even harder to come by without the right connections.

8. Outbound Links Are Also Important

Until now, we have talked about other websites linking us, but linking outwards, that is, creating a link from our website to an external website is also very useful when configuring our link building strategy. 

Outbound links add value to our content. When we link to other authoritative websites, with valuable content related to the information that the reader is acquiring on our website, we are greatly improving the value of our content. 

We send signals to Google that our website is a useful and reliable resource that will help us improve our search engine rankings. Link out to high authority sites and minimize your links to less trustworthy pages.

9. Links In Authority Profiles 

This link building tactic is also widely used when starting to position a business. It basically consists of creating profiles on platforms or authority pages. 

All those websites or social networks that allow us to create a company or personal profile would enter here, for example, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Quora, WordPress, Weebly, Blogspot, GoodReads, and other Web 2.0 sites are ideal for linkbuilding. 

10. Link Baiting, The Google Ideal 

The link baiting technique is based on the creation of original and valuable content to get other websites to link us organically. It is about getting backlinks naturally without extra work on our part. 

This can save you a great deal of time and effort on your search engine optimization backlink building strategy. But unless you are using ChatGPT, writing long form high-quality content can be time-consuming and/or expensive.

Build Better Backlinks Like An SEO Pro

Backlinks are the lifeblood of your website or blog SEO. Implement these 10 top link building tips to see your site authority and organic traffic skyrocket! Build better backlinks big time for your business.

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