4 Tips For Creating Link-Worthy Content On A Tight Budget

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In the world of SEO, blogging, and content marketing, you’ve probably heard the phrase “Content is King,” right? Well, that statement isn’t necessarily false but it’s not the complete truth either. What you have to understand with that phrase is that content alone just won’t suffice. 

That’s not saying that content isn’t important, because it very much is still very important and will always be important. In today’s era, where there’s a wealth of information at your fingertips, the content you produce needs to be amazing… and in order for it to be amazing, it needs relevant links in it to rank well, and those can be authoritative too. 

Now, the thing about earning those links is that it’s going to require some work from you on the front end. You’re going to have to create content that’s well-written and engaging. If you don’t have that type of time or level of commitment to do it yourself, you always have the option of blogger outreach services like Stellar SEO that provide businesses with effective outreach strategies. 

It’s actually a smart business move to seek outreach services simply because they’re literally in the business of creating link-worthy content… Also, by seeking outreach services, that will free up your time to focus on other important areas of your business. 

Take a look at these four useful tips on how to create link-worthy content, especially if you’re on a tight budget. 

How To Create Link-Worthy Content On A Budget 

Tip 1: Stir Up Controversy To Make Them Love You Or Hate You 

Stirring up controversy through your content doesn’t cost you a thing. Why? Because of this little thing called freedom of speech… plus, you’re entitled to your own opinion. The key is to take a hard stance on a controversial topic. 

Lots of people won’t do this because they’re afraid it will make people not like them. But that’s the beauty of it and it will drive more traffic to your site. Controversy drives engagement and debate. The science behind this particular tactic is to voice your opinion on something that you genuinely feel strongly about; Voice your opinion so loud and so strongly that people won’t have a choice but to see what you’re talking about. 

This will then cause people who disagree with your opinion to share the link to that particular piece of content with their audience, just to point out how wrong your opinion is. Meanwhile, the supporters of your opinion will link to your content to justify just how right they think your opinion is. The point of this is to get the people talking about you, whether they agree or disagree with your opinion… 

It’s almost like the saying of “Bad publicity is better than no publicity”... you just have to get the people talking! Social media is actually a great platform to voice your opinions, just make sure you’re using it properly… the last thing you want to do is make the biggest mistakes of social media and create content that doesn’t speak to the reasons why people use it in the first place. 

Tip 2: Create A Buzz From Experts In Your Industry 

You’ve heard the phrase “name dropping”... Well, that’s practically what you’re doing here. You can create content and reference experts in the field of your content’s topic. 

By utilizing things like quotes they’ve said, videos they’ve posted, and information they’ve shared, you can generate a buzz simply from incorporating their names in your content. This tactic gives way to a high chance of those experts sharing your article and linking back to it. 

Tip 3: Play Around With Your Formatting 

How many times have you been turned off by content that looks like one giant block of words? All the time. When creating content, you want to keep that in mind as well. Your readers might be looking for something in particular on your site and find it, but if all they see is a bunch of words that don’t have any subtitles to give them a better idea of what the content is about, they’re not going to read it. 

Consider these formatting tips to make your content more readable 

● Highlighting words in bold or italics to emphasize a point 
● Using bullets to organize a list of words 
● Using subheadings to break up details of your content 
● Keep your sentences short, simple, and understandable 

When people see that your content is easy to read, they will use your site as a resource and authority just for the simple fact that you provide useful information that’s easy to read and easy to understand. 

According to Yellow Pages for Business, the way your content is formatted needs to be researched just as heavily as the content itself. So pay close attention to how you actually set up your content. It plays its own significant role in driving traffic to your site or driving traffic away from your site. 

Tip 4: Utilize The Timelessness Of Evergreen Content 

To simply explain it, evergreen content is content that’s, in a sense, timeless or never loses its relevance. By incorporating evergreen content on your site, the information you provide to readers will always be helpful and useful years after it’s been published. If anything, you’ll want to change a few wordings just to update the timestamp for Google purposes. 

The other great thing about evergreen content is that it’s always in-demand for your target audience. Some examples of evergreen content include things like “how-to” posts, “ultimate guides,” and checklists. When people see those words, they are immediately drawn to them because they know it’s going to provide some type of useful or helpful information and generate backlinks to it. 

Is Your Content Worthy Of Links? 

In creating content, sometimes you just have to put yourself in the shoes of the reader and ask yourself if it would be helpful to you or if you would even want to read it. There are definitely more ways to create link-worthy content but incorporating these four tips will indeed get you off to a good start. And you can do them all without breaking the bank.

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