Importance Of Content Marketing Manager For Startups

importance of content marketing management startups

The face of the world is ever-changing and incredibly serious. The same can be said about the world online. Each business is attempting to become well known online needs to comprehend one basic thing: winners need a great content marketing approach. 

What Exactly Is Content? 

Content is anything you put out on the web. It very well may be text, sound, video, designs, and web-based social networking posts. But, at the same time, it's more than that. Content is anything that helps you communicate with your audience. It will tell them who you are as a brand and what you're trying to sell. 

Content is high quality, useful information that conveys a story presented in a contextually relevant manner to solicit an emotion or engagement. By creating a compelling content marketing strategy, we can lead potential customers down the conversion path or nurtures leads and current customers. 

The biggest challenges for content marketing are reportedly lack of data and lack of strategy

Creating High-Quality Content 

For your content marketing strategy to be successful, you need top-notch content with an unmistakable message that pervades each stage. Why? 

With every update, Google refines its algorithm procedure for sifting through low-quality content for its clients. These are normal slip-ups less experienced content makers make:

1. Posting copy content all through your site (from page to page just as on your blog) 

2. Keyword stuffing (a similar blend of words and expressions used again and again with an end goal to "out-think" the internet searcher) 

3. Short articles (fluff pieces intended to post anything for new content as opposed to really imparting something knowledgeable) 

Rather, for your marketing strategy to be viable, you have to ensure your content is elegantly composed and has your intended interest group as a top priority, so you can take care of their issues, share fascinating knowledge or answer normal inquiries. 

What Exactly Does A Content Marketing Manager Do? 

A perfect content marketing manager is an inventive individual with a foundation in marketing and has extraordinary copywriting aptitudes. This is an individual who can compose incredibly advanced content, work inside a content management system (CMS), fulfill time constraints, and change direction quickly as patterns change. 

Many digital content managers are experienced writers or editors, or both; even though they don't need to be the main writer in your team, however they ought to have strong writing and editing abilities. In the beginning periods of a new business, your digital content marketing manager might be liable for composing the copy you use to communicate, however as you develop and depending on your business objectives, they will more probably oversee in-house or independent writers. 

Main job responsibilities of a content marketing manager include: 

• Manage CMS (e.g. WordPress) and engage at social media websites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) 

• Using keyword focus, images or hashtags optimize content for SEO 

• Manage customer databases, mailing lists, and CRM software 

• Keep a keen eye on trending topics & utilize them in marketing strategies while they’re fresh 

• Churn out original content that is useful for the audience to gain organic traffic 

• Craft content according to the channel and type of audience 

• Examine web traffic, metrics, meet targets and suggest updates for the website as required 

• Analyze marketing strategies to know when it’s time to update or change them 

Top 5 Must-Have Resources For Content Marketing Managers 

From content generation to examination and advancement to investigation and enhancement, the job of a digital content marketer is a demanding one that requires a variety of skills, aptitudes, and capacities. 

We've discussed the fundamental abilities of an online content marketer, with attention on hard skills, for example, copywriting and analytics. What we didn't cover were the assets that you can use to create, reinforce and immaculate those abilities. 

Underneath, we've shared five resources that you can use as a web content manager to sharpen your range of abilities, upgrade your insight and deal with your crusades all the more effectively.

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1. Moz’s Beginner’s Guide To Social Media 

Moz’s Beginner’s Guide to Social Media is the most comprehensive and detailed guide we have come across that covers everything you need to know about social media marketing. Be it metrics or ROI, best practices, or tactics for specific social media sites, this guide has got you covered. 

moz guide social media content marketing

In spite of the fact that it's apparently focused on novices, Moz's guide focuses point by point on all the information for social media demographics, usage patterns and buying propensities, making it an important asset for beginner digital marketers and specialists. The guide is divided into parts, making it simple to hop directly to the area you need. 

Although it may seem too basic for expert content managers it can definitely be resourceful to revisit your social media knowledge and revise your skills. It can also be a great training tool when it comes to mentoring a new team. 

2. HubSpot’s Free Templates To Create Buyer Personas 

These free buyer persona formats from HubSpot are nearly as renowned as most of HubSpot's bigger ventures and assets, similar to their blog or promoting grader. But it's an only 25-page slide deck, with a decent part of the slides mostly, clear. 

hubspot free buyer persona generator

That says something, correct? These make it simple to make buyer personas, regardless of whether you've never done this. The formats brief your team what to think about, consider, distinguish, and get some information about your objective personas. 

3. Blogely: Blog Content Management Software & SEO Tool 

The most effortless and quickest approach to deal with your content to help you craft, gather, compose, improve, SEO streamline for keywords, plan, and distribute your blog entries over various platforms. 

Designed in a way to minimize effort and save time, it allows you to save information as you research your blog topic. It lets you review the gathered information in a split-screen view to your writing space allowing you to read and write at the same time. The smartness of the plugin doesn’t just end yet, its efficiency is unmatched. 

blogely blog content manager software blogging seo program

Blogely is the ultimate blog management and SEO solution intended to naturally develop site traffic. It conveys the most effortless and quickest path available to oversee blog content with usefulness to make, gather, arrange, improve, and optimize blogs for keywords and plan and disseminate blog entries over various platforms. 

4. Buffer: Social Media Automation Tool 

Intended to assist you in sparing time and get improved results from your digital marketing efforts, Buffer is an automation application that lets you schedule social media posts and offer your content at the most ideal occasions for the duration of the day for perceived ability and presentation. 

buffer social media automation tools content marketing

It can likewise post to the entirety of your social networks without a moment's delay, helping you to dispense off a great deal of the dreary work that can eat into your additional time as a digital marketer. There's even a picture editorial manager to assist you with adding eye-getting, flawlessly designed, perfect-sized photographs to your Facebook and Twitter updates. 

5. CoSchedule’s Editorial Calendar Templates 

Your editorial calendar is the skeleton of your content marketing program. Without a decent one, things may turn haphazard and eventually fall apart. Most people don't have the foggiest idea what they're doing or when not to mention what should be practiced in the long haul. 

coschedule content marketing editorial calendar template

Calendars can be as straightforward or intricate as you'd like, yet here's a decent schedule layout to begin from by CoSchedule. Ensure your entire team realizes how to discover what content is being published when and what should be accomplished through it. 


Content marketing is an art on its own. It takes enthusiasm, expertise, and practice. You should definitely have these three components as a top priority at whatever point you attempt to improve any skill or part of your life. 

In conclusion, we would recommend you quit treating content marketing like a troublesome undertaking and begin getting most out of it. Appreciate the craftsmanship you can present, the extraordinary strategies you can set into motion, and the manner in which your thoughts and advertising ideas are gradually soaring your business execution.

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