4 Linkbuilding Tips That Won't Cause A Penalty

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The best way for small businesses to break out of their little corner of the internet and become more widely known is through link building. Despite all of the dozens of changes Google and other search engines have made to their core algorithms over the years, link building still remains one of the primary ways to websites to increase their authority and climb the ranks. Backlinks are a big deal for business websites and blogs.

It is crucial, however, not to cheat with link building. You have to engage in white hat SEO linkbuilding. Getting a dozen links from a bunch of sites that have nothing to do with your business can harm your ranking if Google’s robots think there has been foul play. Your ranking can suffer even more if your rule-breaking links are manually identified by Google staff. So what can you do to build domain authority and links without falling foul of Google’s ethical guidelines? 

Publish An Enormous Amount Of Content On Your Site 

The easiest way to pick up links isn’t by going directly to all of the relevant businesses and news organizations in your industry: that would take ages. Instead, let them find you. How, exactly? Through creating content that they find relevant. If you can be the originator of new information on the internet, you’ll quickly become a resource for other businesses and news outlets. Over time, some of those organizations will link to your articles and blogs. If those links are from high authority sites, your website will quickly rise through the rankings as well, overtaking your competitors and acquiring that crucial number one spot. 

The process of acquiring links, however, is often easier said than done. As such, if you are struggling to generate enough links by yourself, then you should seek out help from an agency that provides professional link building services.

Target Relevant Publications 

If you really want links to your site to have a significant impact, you need to grab the attention of sites that already have authority. Domains with high authority can have a significantly higher impact than those with low domain authority. Successfully approaching a top domain site can be difficult, so you need to prepare well in advance. 

The first thing to do is create a list of high-authority sites you want to target. Next, write a short email (or follow whatever process they have on their site) which explains why an article written by you will appeal to their audience. Don’t just write about your product: try to come at it an angle which you would want to read if you were a user of your target site. 

Finally, get in contact with the relevant people at the site and find out how to get your content and backlinks inserted into their platform. This can be a time-consuming process, but it’s well worth it if you can build an authority link. 

Get Placed In Listings 

One of the things that websites like Webconfs recommend is hiring a professional service to take care of your listings. You don't just want to buy backlinks or or listing services from some random person on Fiverr.

This can be done strategically by using SEO services to get placed in listing databases. Getting your company placed on internet listing sites such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Foursquare, Swarm and Facebook makes it more likely that your business will get found and, therefore, more likely that other organizations will link to it. 

Do Events In The Real World 

What you do online is important, but what you do in the real world is often more interesting to the press and the public. Host events, dinners, and parties and encourage attendees to write columns, upload photos, and create links to your business once they get back online. Also, the more backlink events you can create, the more search volume and website traffic you'll generate for your business blog or website.

Build Those Backlinks Better

Building high quality backlinks the right way is acceptable and encouraged by Google. Earning high-quality free backlinks can be the difference between Page 1 and Page 101 on Google! Follow these simple strategies to take your website SEO to the next level without incurring the wrath of Google's 2022 backlink spam algorithm updates!

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I hope you enjoyed this article about link-building tips that will help boost your domain authority and overall SEO strategy. 

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