Essential Ingredients To Content That Sells

ingredients to website content that sells

Wouldn’t it be great if you were the only one with a business blog? You could scramble together a post and watch the likes roll in, read their praise and see the number of shares double by the minute; you could comfortably lean back. Unfortunately, it seems like everyone else also got the memo about the blog - they got the memo about posting regularly too, so you can’t even beat them at that. 

The reasons behind sharing 

Where you can get ahead is knowing what kind of content to post; while your competitors are cooking up several posts hourly, dishing them out like a mediocre buffet, you should try to understand why people share. From there on, you’ll quickly learn what kind of content they’re looking to share with each other and deliver just what they need. 

Mainly, we want to define ourselves to our network. It sounds easy enough to create content like this for readers and search engines, but it’s not - nobody wants to share something they feel would define them unless they connect with what they’re reading or hearing. So get a bit personal with the audience, tell them a story and make them feel comfortable. 

Secondly, we are often more willing to join if we’re not the only one. It sounds shallow, which it is, but it’s just a fear of missing out and something your business can take advantage of: openly praise the number of readers and followers you have, and others will also want to help. 

Useful content is king 

Before you look into what kind of content your audience would like, you should make sure that search engines are able to find it in the first place, and that you have a decent platform for your posts. Learn the basics yourself or hire an ecommerce agency to take care of it for you. We like to share content when we feel like it could help others. The content you post should be relevant to your audience, original and created with the sole intention of helping them. It must be useful enough for them to turn to their neighbor and go ‘this is so good, check it out.’ 

A buffet-style feast of content which is dished up with no thought about who it is intended for, is rarely good enough to be shared. By gaining knowledge and skills, you’ll be able to serve them the kind of high-quality stuff they’re looking for. Get started right away and read up on the latest social media trends here

With the amount of competition out there, it’s not easy for small businesses to be seen and stand out, especially when it comes to content creating. Remember that if you’re producing original and high-quality content, connecting with your audience and including all the right keywords, the lack of traffic could be due to other factors. Reconsider the design of the blog, the strategy you’re using when posting, the content, and the platform you choose to share it on.

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