How Your Website Can Be Google Friendly

how website can be google friendly

When it comes to getting your website found on the first page of Google, apparently there is roughly two-hundred variable that goes into careful consideration when it comes to your ranking. Two-hundred. Whether or not that figure is bang on the money or not doesn’t matter, though. What we can take away from this is how overwhelming this whole SEO challenge can be, especially if you are new to all this. 

The good news is, not all of these variables hold the same weight of importance. Some are what we Google SEO pros consider must-haves and others are what we can call hopeful. 

To help you understand what you need to get right straight away, we have come up with a list of the most influential variables when it comes to Google’s ranking system

The Title 

The keywords you use in your title have a huge role to play when it comes to signaling your relevancy to a search engine. What your title is meant to do is give an accurate description of the contents on that page. As a little tip, always try and place your keywords at the start of a title, and not the end. Google likes it when you do that. 

Meta Description 

The meta description is another one of those all-important relevancy signals. What makes this one extra-important, however, is the influence it has on getting people to click on you out of all the other on a search result page. Basically, by including a relevant keyword in this area, you’re making yourself more relevant to both the search engine and the person searching. 

Length Matters 

Google’s sophisticated ranking system really comes into play here because it values lengthy content over what it deems to be basic information. The other thing it takes into consideration is spelling and grammar, so if this isn’t your forte then it is worth using an English website content editing service. Authoritative, informative and well-presented content will always be favored by Google, but only if it is well-constructed and carefully composed. 

Don’t Duplicate 

One of the worst things you can do is duplicate content, and what we mean by this is litter your website with content that is similar to multiple pages. That is another reason why you should consider hiring someone, or using a service, to make sure all of the content flooding your website is original. 

Regular Updates

Another thing that Google prefers to see on a website is content that is regularly updated. Luckily, this algorithm also recognizes and determines whether a page is time-sensitive or not. That means you shouldn’t worry too much about constantly editing your pages if it is just a product description. These can be done once a year or so. However, if it is a blog post we’re talking about, well, regular updates are a must. 

Lots Of Linking 

By putting a selection of outbound links into your content, as well as backlinking, what you are doing is giving Google a reason to trust you a bit more. The reason for this is, Google looks at these links and thinks the only reason you could be doing this is that you really do want your readers to be informed about a certain topic. Just make sure you don’t go over the top with this otherwise it will start having the adverse effect.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about ensuring that your business website will remain in Google's good graces for SEO purposes.

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