Modern SEO Trends That You Need To Know

An SEO agency stays on top of the latest trends and can help you adjust your content before your competitors do. SEO is always moving forward and using the latest technology, so you need to keep up or you risk getting left behind. To help you, here are a few of the SEO trends that are dominating the digital age: 

Voice Search Is Getting Big

These days consumers are buying millions of Amazon Echo, Google Home, (let's not already forget Siri and Cortana yet) and a variety of similar devices. Your website, content, and keywords need to start reflecting that and optimizing for voice. Keywords will often times be long-tail and conversational instead of a few words. Your writing should reflect how people actually speak, especially how they ask questions and expect answers. This will continue to be a growing trend as these devices become more popular and more advanced. Automobile manufacturers are now starting to include them as built-in features in new cars, so people can do voice searches while they're driving.

Fluff Content Is On The Way Out 

The reality is that people are sick of reading ‘fluff’ content. One of the reasons is that we all have read roughly the same article about 5 times without really noticing it, until now. In the early days of content marketing, the focus was on creating as much content that was possible. Even websites that worked with a digital marketing agency would have similar fluff content because it got the clicks. 

However, in the last few years, we have started to see more ‘epic’ content. Epic content means long articles, which cover the topic comprehensively. Many people are not a fan of this style, so we are seeing a shift to ‘dense’ content. Dense content covers the whole topic in a way that keeps the article as short as possible. Google has been moving in this direction for the past year or two.

Machine Learning Is Changing The SEO Algorithms 

When Google released RankBrain, they did not inform the public about it until after it was released and being used. Google’s RankBrain and Hummingbird are some of the first programs on the market that have the ability to learn about the users, so they can update their programming to better serve the user. While there have been little updates to these programs, there is still the possibility of them changing the way that the SEO algorithms work within the near future. 

User Experience Optimization (UEO) Will Be Part Of SEO 

The user experience has been part of SEO for a long time, to some degree. Google has started to favor sites that are optimized for most devices, load within a short time, and have users that stay on the website for a long time. 

However, in the age of modern marketing it is possible that we will see UEO become a major part of SEO. This could be due to the higher number of users on mobile devices. There are many testing tools offered by Google, which have stats that were not a major part of ranking in the past. This could mean that you need to optimize now or face lower search rankings. 

Google and other search engines are secretive when it comes to SEO and exactly what is used to rank a webpage. Determining exactly the way Google ranks websites has been something digital marketing companies have been trying to figure out for years. It is too early to overhaul every SEO strategy that is working today, but you should watch to see how SEO trends affect your website’s numbers. Working with a SEO agency can help your business stay on top of the latest trends in SEO and to keep their website high up the ranks.

I hope you enjoyed this article about search engine optimization trends defining modern marketing and media.

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