How To Find Competitor Backlinks For SEO Success

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Sometimes when it comes to business a smart move is to study your competition to learn how they are successful. Backlinks are still an essential part of any SEO strategy every year. When you find competitor backlinks while you are doing your research, you can learn plenty from their work.

Keep reading to learn more about how to search for and how to find competitor backlinks.

Why Are Backlinks Important?

If you are not 100% sure why backlinks are important, let's clear that up now. Backlinks show that another site is vouching for your site. The more search engines see these links they start to recommend your site more often and higher on their list.

The more backlinks you have the better your ranking. Luckily you can buy seo backlinks from reputable services to help build up your website authority and link profile. 

How to Find Your Competitors

Before starting your backlink search you have to find your competitors. An easy way to figure out who your competition is, do a quick Google search using the main keyword for your niche. For example, if you have a travel blog you can search "travel lifestyle blog."

This will give you results of the top sites in your niche that you can begin to research. If for some reason you are not happy with the results that you get from your search you can try another technique, that is a bit more advanced. You can type the following "" into Google and see what it brings up for search results. 

How to Find Competitor Backlinks

Once you are ready to find your competitor backlinks you can use tools such as this best backlink checker to make the process a lot faster and easier. With these kinds of tools, you can enter a competitor's domain and the tool will show you the backlinks that are pointing to this site.

How to Get Your Site Linked?

Now that you know how to find backlinks on your competitor's sites, it's time to have your site links on other sites. An even bigger goal is to have your site linked on a valuable site to readers. For example, if you blog about entrepreneurship and Forbes links your site on one of their posts, that will be a valuable backlink because of the credibility that already has. The same goes for other high authority business sites like Inc, Entrepreneur, Fortune, or Fast Company.

There are different ways to have someone link your site from their website, but the best way is to build relationships, which is why we are covering that way first in our list below:

Build Relationships And Grow Guest Posts

Building relationships is honestly the #1 way to get links. Reach out and say hello through an email or a phone call and this might be enough to get a link. If simply reaching out and saying hello does not work you can ask if you can contribute a guest post to their site and then add a link to your site somewhere in the blog post.

Keep in mind that if you are planning on contributing a guest post, your site should be aligned with their site. Somehow your site should be able to provide value to their readers. If what you have to offer does not provide value to their loyal following then it would not make sense to contribute a guest post because this can hurt the search engine rankings rather than help them.

Exchange Links

Another way to have someone link to your site is by asking if you can exchange a link for a link on a certain post that is relevant to your site and vice versa for them. Sharing the love can be an easy way for a website owner to say yes to a dofollow backlink.

Use Forums to Your Advantage

Another way to backlink to your site is to find forums related to your niche and be an active participant. Whenever you find an opportunity to share your site link, take it. This is a way to have backlinks to your site and help others in the process as long as what you have to share is relevant to the forum discussion.


Last but not least when you reach out to a site publisher do not under any circumstance send them a template email asking them about backlinking. Instead, personalize the email and make sure it is a quality email that will not get deleted before reaching the end of the message. You can even suggest where to add your link after you research their blog posts and find a perfect fit for them to easily add your site. 

Do not be afraid to follow up if you do not hear back. Give the site publisher a few days to answer, but if you do not hear from them send a polite and to the point follow up email. One or two follow-ups should be enough, do not be the 10 follow up emails person that annoys the site publisher.

Ready to Grow Your SEO?

Now that you have more knowledge about backlinks and how to find competitor backlinks you can start the research phase. SEO is still important and backlinks are a great way to increase your search engine optimization. The goal for every business should be to be high on a search result because let's be real who truly goes to the second or third page of results in Google?

Link building might not seem like much fun but it is worth every minute spent on it while it is still a ranking factor for search engines like Google. Link building will help you to grow your SEO like a pro!

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