How Many Backlinks Does It Take To Rank On Top?

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"I want to be on the first page of Google's SERPs. How many sites must link to me for this?" Everyone would very much like to have a concrete answer to this question. For example, 32. Or 49. Then the backlink campaigns would have a completion rate and a progress bar with start and end data. 

Unfortunately, there is no exact answer. If it existed, everyone would raise the alarm at every step, and featured snippets would kindly provide you with the information you need on the first request. 

On the other hand, we are not here to envelop our readers in vague formulations like "it depends on many factors" and so on. We are all serious people and value our time. Therefore, let's figure out what factors generally affect the ranking and optimize a backlinking strategy so that quantity turns into quality. 

The More, The Better: Is It? 

We know that backlinks are very important: at least they determine the site's authority and popularity. On the other hand, we also see that bulk link buying is a thing of the past, and quantity does not always mean quality. What conclusion should we draw from this? 

First of all, let's turn to the professionals. Backlinks are one of the most significant ranking factors for Google and other top search engines, according to research by Ahrefs. As a rule, when studying the number of resources referring to the lucky owner of the top spot in the search results, the conclusion is one: the more the number of links, the higher the site ranks. Everything is simple and somewhat primitive. 

It's great that we have identified this, but the main question remains. Do we just have to work in the name of quantity mindlessly? In general, there are quite a few options here, but we will focus on the three most simple to understand and implement. Moreover, they can affect the very essence and direction of your business. Intrigued? 

It all depends on the specific keywords you are going to rank for and the niche of your business. Yes, the niche matters. The more complex it is, the more links you will need. You also need to consider such a nuance as the authority of the resource that links to you. And yes, perhaps it makes sense for you to revise the list of your services. 

Now that you're completely confused let's talk about this in more detail. 

Domain Authority 

The higher it is, the more trust and confidence that there is quality content. Speaking about quantity and quality, we invariably come to the conclusion that it is better to have one high-quality backlink from a highly authoritative domain than several dozen mediocre ones. The point here is that the weight of one good link can be greater than the total value of all others leading from dubious resources. Do not waste your time and concentrate on acquiring only good ones: focus on getting links from sites with a high DA 40+. Thus you will need much less of them. 

The Niche Of Your Business 

We mentioned your site's niche as one factor that can influence the right number of links for the desired top. Why is this so? Because of the number of competing organizations, of course. People who are engaged in email newsletter services find themselves in a cut-throat competition environment, where all the most popular keywords are already covered, and places in the top are taken. Be prepared that the whole process will take a lot more backlinking effort. 

You also need to remember that while you are gaining momentum, your rivals are on the watch and do the same. That is, it is highly likely that at approximately the same rate of development, you will never catch up with them. This is especially true for startups with Napoleon's plans, crazy competition, and little understanding of what they are getting into. 

Of course, you know how competitive your niche is. Analytical tools will help you see how many domains link to a page ranking in the top for your topic. You will have to roll up your sleeves and be guided by this figure. But do not try to catch up and overtake it blindly. Remember the principle of high domain authority and do not deviate from it in the name of quantity. Perhaps your competitors are overusing low-quality resources, and you need far fewer links to start being hot on the heels of them. 

Narrow Specialization 

If you feel that your niche is very competitive and you are not ready for Hercules' labors of building hundreds of backlinks, then narrow down your specialization. 

What does it mean? This means that if you are engaged in the manufacture of, for example, confectionery, then most likely you will immediately get lost among the competitors. However, if you choose a specific specialization for yourself, say, marshmallow production and distribution, then it will be much easier for you to cover particular keywords. You will see that you have much fewer competitors, specifically for one field, and, accordingly, you will need much fewer links. 

By talking about marshmallow production on your blog, covering things that cannot be found anywhere else, you win over Google, which is very fond of highly specialized narrow-profile resources. We can even say that it is tired of too general formulations such as "marketing services" and that something single-purpose is like a breath of fresh air for it. Therefore, this practice is highly beneficial, and it fully justifies itself for your search engine optimization. 

Final Words On Building Backlinks

Top pages have more backlinks. It is a fact in the SEO world despite what Google might say. We still do not have a clear answer to the question of how many backlinks we need to touch the long-awaited community of elite residents on the first page of search results. This is also a fact. But it is also true that quality and non-aggressive, natural link building will work anyway. 

Natural character is ensured by creating useful content related to your niche, which is hosted on third-party resources and will include a link to your site. Classic guest posting, answers to questions on Quora and Reddit, placement in thematic directories – all this works great not only to improve SEO rank positions but also to increase credibility and trust among potential customers.

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