5 Benefits of High-Volume Printing Overseas

benefits high-volume printing overseas bulk prints

Sales of print books jumped more than six percent in the first three quarters of last year. Publishers have already expressed concerns that there will be book shortages. 

Are you thinking about publishing a book or increasing your print runs to meet demand? If so, you may be thinking about the best way to get the printing done. 

If so, you should consider high-volume printing overseas. There are plenty of benefits, some of which may surprise you. 

1. It’s Just as Fast (If Not Faster) 

Most people turn to overseas printers because they believe they’ll save money. After all, printing costs can be quite high if you work with a printer in North America. 

What if you heard that you could save time and money by switching to a printer overseas? 

It’s true. Many printers have faster turnaround times. Shipping will take a little longer, but it may be as little as five weeks door to door for high-volume book printing. 

That’s often just as quick as North American printers, who aren’t sending your books nearly as far. If you choose to ship by air, you can have your book stock even sooner. Shipping by air is a little more expensive, but it may be worth it to get advance copies or early stock. 

Better yet, you may end up saving money because overseas printers have no hidden fees. North American printers will sometimes tack on extra costs. These can quickly add up, making it even less affordable to print with them. 

With overseas printers, what you see is what you pay. 

2. No Limits on Binding Options or Paper Stock 

Another huge advantage of printing overseas is that you don’t need to worry about limits on binding type. You don't need to worry about paper stock either. 

With many North American outfits, you’ll find that you have just one or two options for binding. You’ll also pay much more for certain types of binding. Paper can be another sticking point. 

Publishers with short runs find they have fewer limits when they work with an overseas printer. You might have been planning to go print-on-demand, but will you be able to get the paper and the binding type you need? 

Choosing the overseas printer could be just the solution you were looking for. 

3. State-of-the-Art Equipment and Excellent Standards 

Some people don’t want to work with an overseas printer. Often, they’re concerned about the quality of the product. They think that the lower prices offered mean they’re going to get a low-quality product. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. Overseas printers work with state-of-the-art equipment. You’ll get great results every time. 

They also offer the same selection of high-quality papers, as well as different inks and bindings. No matter what you need to print, an overseas printer can do an excellent job with it. 

Overseas printers also have high standards. That means your book printing job will be checked over for quality before it ever ships out to you. You can trust that you’re getting a product that meets the highest possible standards, just the same as any other printer. 

4. High-Volume Print Runs Mean Higher Profit Margins 

There’s a two-fold advantage when it comes to working with an overseas printer on a high-volume print run. First, overseas printers often have much lower prices. You’ll be able to push unit costs lower. 

There’s also a discount for high-volume printing. That means each unit that rolls off the printer is even cheaper than it would be otherwise. 

That’s excellent news for often cash-strapped publishers. If you’re struggling to make your book’s margins work, then switching to high-volume printing could change the story. 

Higher profit margins mean you get to keep more on the sale of each book. That makes so much sense in an industry where publishers offer retailers deep discounts to even stock the product. Keeping more of each sale helps your books and your business turn a bigger profit. 

5. Overseas Printers Focus on Service 

Working with an overseas printer for high-volume printing makes a lot of sense because of cultural differences. North American printers and publishers often focus on price. 

Printers in countries like China and elsewhere put the emphasis on trust. They want to build a relationship with you. They want to deliver a great product and fantastic service every time, so that they can earn your trust. 

For that reason, you’ll find overseas printers strive to offer excellent service every step of the way. Most communicate regularly throughout the job. If there’s a question or issue, you can bet they’re going to be in touch. 

Communication can sometimes be a sticking point. That's thanks to language barriers and cultural differences. 

Make sure you understand that your overseas printer wants to make sure you’re happy and trust them to deliver exceptional products. You’ll have an easier time communicating. 

Technological advances like email, texting, and even video chat make it easier than ever to get in touch with your printer. With these technologies, you can talk to them about the process at any point. 

Get the Right Printing for the Right Price 

If you have a book you need to print or need to increase print runs, then high-volume printing might be the right choice. Working with an overseas printer could just be the smartest move you’ll make. With so many advantages, it’s not hard to see why so many publishers are choosing to send their printing jobs to reputable overseas printing houses. 

Printers can manage everything high-volume from brochures to books to catalogs for your business. 

Looking for more ideas on how to get what your startup business needs, from print products to technology? You’re in the right spot! Check out more insightful articles in our archives on high-volume printing and buying in bulk to save money.

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