7 Reasons Why Link Building is Key to Website SEO

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In the age of the internet, online marketing is king. If your business doesn't have a web presence, it will struggle to attract customers and will ultimately crumble. 

While there's a great deal involved with online marketing, one of the most important aspects of the practice is link building. Link building is a process wherein a webmaster gets fellow websites to link to his or her website via organic traffic on Google and other top search engines. 

The benefits of link building are numerous for SEO. Curious as to why you should be link building on high authority websites? Here are 7 top reasons why link building is important to your website search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

Reasons Why Link Building is Important

There are numerous reasons for your business to engage in link building for SEO. The most prominent of these high authority website backlink building reasons include the following: 

1. Improves Search Ranking 

One of the keys to getting your business noticed in the digital age is to get your website to rank high on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, YouTube, and AOL. The higher your website ranks for relevant keywords, the more consumers who will come across it, visit it, and utilize your goods or services. 

How do you improve your search engine ranking? By utilizing SEO tactics such as the ones used by Bootstrap Business of course! We recommend that you don't capitalize words that shouldn't be, as improper capitalization makes a link look manufactured.

What is one of the most important SEO tactics? Link building! 

Getting other websites to link to your website indicates your website as an authority to various search engines. The more authoritative search engines think your website to be, the higher those search engines will rank your website. 

2. Speeds Up Search Engine Indexing Time 

Before a search engine puts a specific page on its listings, it must index that page. Unfortunately, if a website has low authority with a search engine, its pages can take days to index. As a result, you can miss out on much sought-after web traffic. 

However, by acquiring high-quality links from other websites, you essentially tell search engines that your website is one worth visiting. In turn, search engines will prioritize your website, indexing your new pages almost as soon as they are published.

This will allow web users to see them sooner than they otherwise would, ultimately upping your web traffic, and increasing your conversions. 

3. Shows Your Website as an Authority 

If you were sharing a link about drug use, would you rather share something published by the National Institute of Drug Abuse or something published by Joe in his mom's basement?

The National Institute of Drug Abuse is the obvious answer. Why? Because this organization is seen as an authority on the subject of drug use while Joe in his mom's basement is just seen as some random guy. 

See, this is the importance of link building. If authoritative websites get linked to, and you are able to get links to your website, you would appear as an authority in your given niche. Web users will click on links to your website, become more and more familiar with your organization's name, and come to see your organization as a credible source. 

4. Enhances Visibility 

A big component in getting traffic to your website is in simply getting your website seen. The more web users who come across your website, the more web users who will visit it. It's a simple matter of odds. 

Therefore, the more links you're able to get to your website from other websites, the more familiar your website will be to online users around the world. 

The key is in getting links from a variety of different websites. Different websites attract different types of web users, all of which have the potential to visit your website. 

5. Ups Referral Traffic 

While a good deal of your traffic will come from SEO, you can still get traffic from other avenues. One of the most valuable of these avenues is the avenue of referrals. Referral traffic is vital not only because it's targeted, but because it lasts until a given page is taken down. 

How do you get referral traffic to your website? By getting links to your website onto other websites. In other words, by building links. 

The goal is in getting links on high-authority websites. The more popular that a website is, the more people that will view it. The more people that will view it, the more people that will click links to your website and end up on your page. 

6. Has a Permanent Impact 

One of the most important things to remember about white hat web links is that once they exist, they tend to go on existing. It's rare that a web creator will go back into previously created content and remove links from it. There is typically no reason to do so. 

So, short of a website shutting down completely, there is really no reason for existing links to your website to disappear. They will remain permanently, offering SEO, referral traffic, authority, and visibility benefits for years to come. 

7. Forges Important Relationships 

When a backlink to your website exists on a fellow website, you never know who might click it. It might just be some random visitor surfing the web or it might be a hugely influential or impactful figure in your business's niche. 

If an influential figure clicks on a link to your website and likes what he or she sees, he or she could try to get in touch with you and forge a working relationship. Should this occur, your business would get a huge SEO boost. In fact, this SEO boost could change the fate of your business as you know it. That's why linkbuilding is so crucial to your overall SEO strategy.

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Link building can be challenging, but as you can see, it's usually worth the effort. By building links for your website, you stand to improve everything from its search engine ranking, to its authority, to its visibility, and more. 

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