4 Top Tools To Streamline Instagram Marketing

Instagram can be a daunting place; there's a huge amount of competition meaning it's easy to put hours of work in with minimal results. However, there are a great variety of tools that can be used to optimize your Instagram strategy, both saving time and leading to quicker growth. Here we outline our favorite 4 tools to supercharge your Instagram page.

1)  Later.com 

A huge difficulty with managing an Instagram account in maintaining a regular posting schedule. Creating content is hard enough in itself, but remembering exactly when to post, as well as writing out descriptions and adding tags, can be a real drain on your productivity. 

Later.com is an Instagram scheduler that allows you to overcome this problem. You can upload all of your content at a single point in time and set the exact date and time for it to be posted. This also helps with optimizing your posting times as you can see stats on when a picture was posted and how much engagement it received, allowing you to work out the best time to post (which actually differs between pages!). 

2)  Crowdfire 

Instagram itself does not provide any great statistics about your page, which can be frustrating. Are you following people who aren’t following back? Are your followers engaging with your content, or are they just ‘ghost followers’? Crowdfire is an awesome analytics tool that helps provide you with this missing information to fill in the gaps. Knowing is half the battle!

3)  SocialGrow 

Getting eyeballs on your Instagram page is never easy. One of the best ways to draw attention to yourself is to actually engage with other users. But doing this manually can be a massive drain on your time. SocialGrow is the best Instagram bot that automates some of your interactions. You set the target audience and the software will sift through relevant content, liking posts where appropriate, following traditional human behavioral patterns. 

4)  Flipagram 

Content is the heart of Instagram. But simple pictures can often be quite boring, and engagement rates with videos and other moving content are usually much higher. Flipagram is an amazing content creation tool that allows you to create slideshows and interesting video content out of your own pictures and videos. It’s really quick to use, allowing you to churn out content much faster than traditional methods. Plus you can post directly to Instagram or download the content for posting at a later date!

Also make sure to take advantage of the new and improved Instagram Insights free analytics tool (for business accounts) for better data. It's hard to make major improvements to your account without the cold hard data to back it up!

While none of these tools will provide you with miracle results, they can all be used to build up a great organic Instagram social media marketing strategy that leads to actual results. And the best part is they substantially reduce time needed to manage a page, helping you to increase your productivity in other areas.

I hope you enjoyed this article about useful frugal mobile tools to help streamline your Instagram marketing strategy

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