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Reviews from previous customers not only have major impacts on other potential customer’s purchase decisions. They also play an increasingly important role when it comes to your Google rankings. As a result, businesses are looking for ways to leverage customer reviews to drive their brand’s search ranking and performance. 

However, many marketers and business owners hoping to manage customer feedback become overwhelmed easily especially when it is difficult for them to prioritize their resources and time. It's especially difficult for small businesses and solopreneurs to handle this ongoing task because they don't have a digital marketing or online reputation management team to take care of it. 

This article goes into the importance of reviews for your Google rankings and further explains how review platforms such as Eooro can help your business improve its search ranking. 

Online Reviews Have Multiple Benefits 

The importance of getting reviews from previous customers has become greater nowadays than just looking good on websites. It has become a major SEO consideration as well. 

• A business with lots of positive reviews can get a top spot on Google Search. Google is currently displaying the top three companies that seem to be the most relevant for the given query. Customer ratings is one of the major factors that Google use in determining the businesses to place in those top three spots. 

• Besides improving the visibility of the business, good reviews on Google or other influential websites will encourage more clicks on your products. For instance, consider a customer who is looking for a particular type of guest room. He finds three options: two with an average rating of two stars and one that has five stars. He will definitely click the one with five stars. However, receiving a bad review will not necessarily hurt the business. Politely responding to such reviews and seeking to resolve a problem can illustrate to new potential customers that the business cares about its clients. 

Customer testimonials have a powerful influence on other potential buyers. People are much more inclined to believe feedback provided by an unbiased third party than when a business is advertising its services. Thus, getting customer reviews can mean more business for you. 

Collecting & Managing Customer Reviews is Time-Consuming 

The above benefits clearly illustrate the significance of attracting online reviews. However, getting customer reviews is not enough as businesses need to dedicate some time for managing these customer reviews. 

Many business owners are often tied up on other business operations such that they cannot find any time to collect and monitor their online reputation. Fortunately, they can use tools for professional business reviews at Eooro to collect and manage online reviews as it can impact their business significantly. 

Monitoring online reviews help businesses to become proactive about the ways to manage them. When you find that your business is attracting a lot of good testimonies and just a few bad reviews, you will be motivated to continue giving the current quality of service. However, if the business is attracting no feedback from customers or lots of bad reviews, professional business review platforms will give the recommendation to help you resolve the situation

The most effective way for a business to turn a bad reputation into a positive one is by responding to all negative review that it gets. The business should also strive to make the bad review better by providing a solution to the client.

Negative reviews for businesses are a learning experience or maybe even a wake-up call for some business owners. 

But it all comes down to making improvements to your company and subsequently drive customer engagement

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I hope you enjoyed this article about the importance of reviews and business review management for your Google search engine rankings. Apply these strategies today with your SMB!

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