7 Essentials For Excellent Customer Service

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Customer service is one of the most important business segments because it involves direct contact with potential buyers. Exceptional customer service practices can drive sales and improve company’s reputation. That’s why entrepreneurs should carefully plan their customer service approach and invest both time and money in the development and implementation of efficient customer service practices. In this article, we’ve shared the seven essentials for the excellent customer service. 

Positive Language 

Operator’s ability to make minor changes in communication patterns and emphasize positive sides of every situation are essential for excellent customer service. As the most important factor of the persuasion and negotiation process, language can both attract and repel customers. For example, if the customer is asking for a product that is out of stock, there are several ways you can approach the conversation. Starting a sentence with the information that the product is out of stock, makes your company look incompetent. 

On the other hand, if you tell your customer that the desired product will arrive during the next week and that you’ll send it immediately after that, you will efficiently shift the focus of the conversation and emphasize your organizational skills and customer care. 

Master Time Management 

Answering customer requests and inquiries is one of the most important business tasks. Still, many small business entrepreneurs can’t spend too much time on customer service, because they have their company to run. Customers also want efficient and fast replies, which makes time management one of the essential factors for a successful customer service. If you don’t know how to help your customer, don’t waste their time. Direct them to someone who can solve their problem. 

Basic Behavioral Psychology Principles 

In the digital age, we are obliged to answer customers’ questions, without meeting with them face-to- face. In spite of this, good customer service requires us to ‘read’ the subtext of every customer request. We can do that, only by applying the basic behavioral principles. That will help us to personalize our customer approach and provide answers that are compatible with customer's personality, mood, patience level, etc. 

Calming Approach 

Customer service representatives need to ‘keep their cool,' even when they are dealing with nervous and rude customers. By staying calm in hectic situations, we are protecting company’s reputation. Calm attitude will also help us to find the solution for customer’s problem faster and assure them that everything is going to be OK. 

Advance Customer Service Technology 

Advanced technology can improve customer service department’s efficiency and time management. There are dozens of different customer service software solutions. 

For example, Office HQ phone answering service helps CS representatives to answer customer calls during peak hours, while some other platforms also provide live chat and email functionality. 

Persuasion Skills 

In small companies, there’s usually one customer service representative that handles both sales and support tasks. Sales are the most important part of business development. That is why CS professionals need to be good sellers and negotiators. Since in most cases they aren’t able to use the live presentation to show the best product features, CS representatives should be capable of creating a compelling sales pitch on the phone, through emails, or social media interactions. 

Product Knowledge 

It doesn’t matter whether the customer is calling the CS department to buy a new product, to file a complaint or ask for support, customer service representatives need to have expert knowledge about all products and services the company is selling. They won’t be able to help customers if they don’t know the products from front-to-back. Any direct contact with consumers can result in a sale and that is why employees in the CS department employees, should be ready to present all features and benefits that company’s products bring. 

You can start changing your CS approach by asking yourself whether your customers are happy with the service they’re getting. First, correct the current customer service mistakes and then try to invent your own ‘purple cow’ that will make your customer approach better from the ones used by your main competitors. 

Keeping Up With Customer Service

By applying innovative customer service practices, you will make your company stand out from its competition, and you’ll turn your customers into the best brand advocates.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about 7 essentials for excellent customer service in your business and improved CX. 

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