11 SEO Issues That Could Hurt Your Website Ranking

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In this online driven world, massive steps are taken by the website owners to enhance their ranking and get a better traffic drive. In other words, all steps are taken just to upgrade the SEO score. We hire a reliable and reputed SEO company in order to get optimum visibility. But what affects or hurts the SEO score? Have you ever thought that what hurts the Google ranking despite you do everything to enhance website performance? There are certain technical SEO issues which we generally ignore and gets upset with the end result. 

Before we move ahead, what actually hurts the SEO score? Such things that might create poor or bad user experience affects the website performance. Better the experience you provide to your users, the best results you obtain at the end. Here are certain things which are commonly ignored by most of the SEO experts. Take a look at it. 

1. Content Duplicity 

The most common issue is the duplicate content. The certain block of content completely matches with the other domain name and hence the user does not find something new to read. Moreover, when there are many pages with almost similar contents, Google itself finds difficult as which page to rank better. In such a case, it even ignores it in ranking considerations. 

2. Pages With Too Many Links 

Pages containing too many various links are also not user-friendly. It significantly creates a bad impression upon the minds of the users. In such a case, despite getting suitable content, users have to perpetuate clicks to move forward. Make sure the links are relevant and do not affect the organic information of the page. 

3. Irrelevant Or Lack Of Keywords 

Make sure the content of your page specifically focuses on the given keyword. It is important to mention the keyword which the users would normally search. Including irrelevant keywords also does not make any sense. Though this might be the way of manipulating ranking it can result in the frustrated users. 

4. Declaration Of Incorrect Language 

Generally, you would like your content to be delivered to the right user. In other words, the content should reach to the users in the same way as they speak. The page’s ability to translate as per the location is the considerable factor. 

5. Issues related to URL’s case 

The problem of lower case and upper case generally occurs with those links which end with ‘.net.’ In case the servers are redirecting the issue, it should necessarily be fixed using the rewrite module. 

6. 404 Errors

In many cases, pages could not be found and hence the code of 404 is displayed on the screen on the users. This does not only create hassling experience but your website might lose the potential users. No matter how valuable the page is, it would drift into the black hole column. 

7. Sneaky Redirects 

Certain redirects are really essential. But in many cases, if the redirect is to take the user to the original page, it would redirect to different pages. It is somewhat similar to cloaking in which the redirect takes the users to some other content which they were not looking for. 

8. Malicious Behavior 

Malicious activities are performed both with and without the knowledge of the site. It actually includes the manipulation of content in such a way that the user might think that they are doing the right thing. But actually, they are downloading the unrequested files, corrupt folders, virus, Trojans and so on. It helps to have your site analyzed for corruption and to also get an SSL certificate to show visitors that your site is safe and secure.

9. Anchor Text That Is Over Optimized 

Anchor text is actually the clickable and visible text of the hyperlink. In an over optimized text, the maximum focus is to use keywords in a way so that it can add extra boost on the page ranking. In the modern times, this is the core reason which penalizes most of the websites. 

10. Hacking

Hacking is the most common issue which removes your website from the index of search engine ranking. In the search ranking index, Google does not consider the hacked site. It is important to monitor the sites especially upon that content that are posted without your permission. Certain tools should be added which would monitor upon the content of the page. 

11. Too Long Or Low Word Count 

Too lengthy content can increase the time of page loading. Hence, it unnecessarily lowers the speed of the site thereby providing the poor experience to the users. Certain tools like Screaming Frog can be used to monitor such content that has too long word count and are unnecessary. Programs like the Hemingway App can also help you write shorter and clearer content. Avoid including the least important parts rather embed it in a single terminology. 

Don't write content so long that the reaction of your readers will be "TLDR" (too long, didn't read).

It is not only the SEO expert who would help you out; there are certain aspects which you too should focus on. The sole purpose of the SEO isn’t to find extra or more customers rather it is to help the users find relevant content. Your website and content should be such that users might easily get what they are approaching. In other words, they should find viable solution for their queries. 

Find An SEO Pro

It's not easy to spot these issues but is the common mistakes which either you or the SEO companies commit. You can easily click here for marketing company and sort out such technical issues easily. Focus on making your site informative while eliminating such problems. Make sure to create your website user friendly. This would automatically help in driving maximum traffic and enhancing the ranking in the Google index.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about the major SEO issues that could damage your website's search engine rank.

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