3 Common Google Penalties and How to Recover from Them

If you run an online business, you know that search traffic is crucial. But, achieving high rankings in Google is not easy at all, and as hard as you’re trying to comply with the rules, you are bound to make a few minor mistakes. The dreaded Google penalty is always a top concern among SEO specialists,webmasters, content marketers, and bloggers. Try to avoid this by checking out these three of the most common google penalties how you can recover from them. 

A Website Hack 

Of course, you don’t intend for your website to be hacked, however it can lead to a google penalty if this happens to you. If you are running a successful business like a Physical Therapy clinic for example, whether you have professional help or not. The last thing you want is to lose service by being hacked. Basically, the hacked content is withdrawn, and Google shows this as “a hacked site”. However, this makes your website appear lower and lower in search results which can be difficult to recover from, even when you are back up and running. 

How To Recover? 

At the first sign of hack you should contact your service provider and web hosting company. Look at the damage and identify if it is spam or malware. Once you have identified the problem you need to see how the hacker got in, then work on a fix for the problem. Make sure your site is clean and all trace of the hack removed before requesting a review from Google to reconsider your hacked label. 

Spam Content Penalties 

This can come in the form of pure spam, and spammy structured mark up by not following Googles rich snippets guidelines. A pure spam website is particularly easy to spot, and you will know if your website is generated for this only. It is wrong, doesn’t achieve much and reduces credibility. It includes spam techniques, such as using scraped content and cloaking. These are violations of webmaster guidelines

How To Recover? 

Look at your current mark up and update it in addition to removing any mark-up that violates Google’s rich snippets guidelines. Make your content relevant and useful and not just advertising and links. Once you have made these changes submit a reconsideration request to Google. 

Cloaked Or Unnatural links 

Cloaking is the act of showing differing or alternative pages to users than that are shown to Google. These are often referred to as sneaky redirects which send customers to another web page. You can see why these violate guidelines and penalties are introduced. This may be intentional by the site builder or it may be due to a virus or hack. 

How To Recover? 

Check your links in the first instance. Look at what google returns compared to your own website and see if these matches. Check your website and remove all redirects that send customers to an unexpected destination, that redirect customers coming from a particular source or anything that appear to be cloaked or sneaky. Finally contact Google to re-evaluate your business site. 

Would You Recover From Google Penalties? 

If you find yourself in receipt of a Google penalty don’t panic. Mistakes can be made when you first start up your business website, but most are easily rectified as long as you learn from your mistakes. Follow Google's guidelines and policies and you avoid bad practices to keep your search engine rankings high.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to avoid and recover from Google penalties on your website.

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