5 SEO Mistakes Doing More Harm Than Good For A Website

seo mistakes damaging website

All website owners want to beat the competition and build their brand online as soon as possible. They will search for search engine optimization advice and tools, hoping that they will deliver more visitors and customers. However, SEO can backfire, and often does. If you keep on using methods that last worked a decade ago, you might get penalized by search engines, and lose your existing traffic. 

To help you avoid the most common SEO mistakes, we have created a list of 5 damaging errors below. 

1. Focusing On Link Numbers And Not Quality 

You might have already heard about the importance of link building, but have no idea how much the quality and diversity of links matters. If you fall for a cheap company’s promises of hundreds of links in a few days, your site might get penalized by Google and Bing, never to be found in search engines again. Search engines will notice that you gained hundreds of links in a short period of time, and if they are not relevant to your site, you will be suspected of cheating. 

2. Too Many Naked Links 

Naked links are necessary, but you should also focus on keyword-based anchor links. While publishing your link to various directories and sites can boost your ranking, you will also have to make sure that you link to the most relevant piece of content on your site or blog, instead of simply putting your landing page link into other sites’ blog posts. A variety of links is needed to get good long-term search engine rankings. Google prefers variety when it comes to building links!

3. Lack Of Meta Tag And Title Optimization, Or Overdoing It 

It is challenging to find the balance and find the optimal meta and title tag optimization that doesn’t look spammy, still attracts relevant traffic. Title and meta tags are important for your site, but if you try to jam as many keywords as possible, you will get negative results. Make your title and description relevant to your site, and inform your visitors about what your page is about. 

4. Flashy Website Equals Slow Website

Sometimes website owners focus too much on appearance, and forget to optimize the site to different displays and internet speed. As a result of too many large images and video files, flash intros, your site will be slow to load, and you will lose visitors. At the same time, a slow website generally ranks lower in search engines since site speed has always been a ranking factor. 

5. Keyword Stuffing 

If you want to get more leads from your website, you might be thinking of increasing your content’s keyword density, so your visitors find you easier. This method can also backfire, and you will face search engine penalties. Focusing on customer experience and content quality is more important today than keywords. 

SEO To Grow

Website owners looking to avoid the most common SEO mistakes that can cost them traffic and customers need to make sure that they build their sites with the customer in mind, and then start optimizing it to search engines. Avoid cheap bulk link building services, and make sure your backlinks, content, and meta titles look natural and relevant.

I hope you enjoyed this article about the SEO mistakes that can do more harm than good for the pagerank of your website.

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