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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most critical pillars in your entire digital marketing strategy. Over three quarters of all online purchases begin with an online search, and about two thirds of those searches are on Google. While some say "SEO is dead", any online marketer or ecommerce website owner worth their salt will tell you that it's even more crucial than ever these days.  

Why Is SEO Important?

There are trillions of websites out there vying for website traffic and sales. There are billions of new web pages every day. How are your websites going to stand out on Google and other huge search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, and Amazon? That's where search engine optimization comes in big. 

Yes you still need unique, consistent, and valuable content. Yes you still need to grow brand awareness. And yes you still need to offer an exceptional product or service while providing a strong customer experience. But SEO is nearly as important or just as important as those other areas.

White Hat vs Black Hat

There have always been two approaches to SEO strategy: white hat and black hat. White hat involves utilizing tactics that are approved by Google and other internet titans. Black hat involves manipulating the search engine results to give your sites an unfair advantage and possibly misleading the people doing the searching in the process.


Domain Authority: How likely your entire website is to be found in search results. Scored from 1-100. Domain Authority is directly affected by the quality and quantity of backlinks to your website in addition to the age of your domain name.

Page Authority: How likely a specific page of your website is to be found in search results. Scored from 1-100. Page authority is directly affected by Domain Authority and age of the page.

On Page SEO

On Page SEO refers to the techniques that you can control directly that can affect your page's ranking factors such as Mobile Friendly responsive design, quick Site Speed, optimal Meta Tags, clear and descriptive Title, custom URL, relevant Keywords, previously unpublished content of at least 500-1000+ words (although many people will say 2,000+), alternative text for images, and minimal / unobtrusive Advertisements or Popups. 

Now in addition to being mobile-friendly your website and content needs to be optimized for the growing number of voice searches being conducted by Alexa, Siri, and Google with the increasing popularity of Google Home and Amazon Echo.

Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO involves getting your links and content shared and viewed on social media, link directories, email marketing, PPC campaigns like AdWords, and other websites.

And that of course brings us to building backlinks on other websites to your content.

IRL (in real life) events such as networking groups and industry conference attendance could also fall into the off page SEO category that could end up improving your search results.

Building Backlinks

Building backlinks is one of the most challenging portions of off page SEO. You want dofollow backlinks from a large quantity of high domain authority websites in your niche and with the anchor text that accurately describes your page. It's easier said than done.

Guest blog posting is another exceptional white hat method of building high quality links on other relevant websites.

Stay Up To Date

Just when you think you've mastered SEO, Google and other search engines change up their algorithm and you'll need to tweak your website accordingly. You don't need to live and die by every update Google makes, but it can't hurt to be aware and adapt.


There are countless articles and books that go into the hundreds of factors effecting SEO. This is just an express guide for SEO beginners and intermediate bloggers. I have plenty more articles published on the finer points of search engine optimization and I (along with several expert guest bloggers) will be publishing many in the near future.

I hope you enjoyed this article about SEO simplified.

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