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Despite the emergence of different marketing channels like social media and mobile apps, email marketing remains at the top of the list. According to Statista, there are about 3.7 billion email users globally as of 2017. Out of this number, 233 million are in the U.S. Don't listen to the hype about email marketing being dead... "experts" have been saying that for over a decade now and it still has some of the highest ROI in digital marketing. More business owners are expected to increase their spending on e-mail marketing. As an entrepreneur, you should consider incorporating this marketing channel if you haven’t. 

What Makes A Compelling Email? 

Email marketing is not just coming up with emails and sending to your subscribers, they need to be well-crafted in a way that they convince the client to want to purchase what you are selling. You want the emails to increase your conversion rate. The conversion rate is the percentage of your email subscribers who become clients. So how exactly do you calculate the conversion rate? 

Conversion rate (%) for email marketing = number of signups or purchases / number of successfully delivered emails x 100 

This is highly important since you can compare your conversion rate with the recommended industry standards and see where you are by comparison and how to implement better techniques to increase the rate. Here are a few tips to help you navigate through the emailing journey. 

1. Keep Building Your Subscriber List 

You should always aim to increase your subscriber list. Have a signup feature on your website to keep those numbers growing. Social media is a great avenue to complement email marketing. Pew Research carefully analyses the social media users on different platforms. You can get subscribers on social media who could be possible clients which will increase your conversion rate. Publish your email newsletters or blasts on your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and provide links so that other interested prospects can easily subscribe. Another way to build your email list is to acquire a database around a particular subject matter. Getting a voter record list can take your political campaign to a new level, for example

2. Personalize Your Emails 

Try 'humanizing' your emails. You are more likely to catch your subscriber’s attention when you address them by their name. They will be more interested to click which will increase your click-through rate helping you increase your chances of making sales which in turn increases your ROI. Also try and use a personalized name instead of a corporate name in the "From" portion to get a higher open rate.

Make the email subject line as appealing as possible. You can use numbers, power words or promise people something of value. You don't want to be misleading by any means but your subject needs to be compelling so your content has a chance to resonate with the reader.

3. Make Your Emails Engaging 

Now that you have people’s attention now what? What do you do to keep them reading up to the last word of the email? Make the email short; people don’t have the patience to read a long email as you will lose them along the way. 

Make it conversational. Assume it is a face-to-face conversation. Ask questions. Add some personal touch to it. Make people relate to the email. Write in the second person ‘you’ since you are addressing people as it is a persuasive tone. Don’t have a strict formula in which you follow. You can break the rules, as it is not usually content writing but mostly copywriting. 

4. Keep It Short & Sweet

Keep your email marketing short and sweet. Years ago, when people still read their emails for more than 30 seconds, I would spend hours or days writing detailed emails to clients, prospects, and newsletter subscribers. It didn't provide me with enough return for the time I invested in it then, and it certainly won't now. 

While there are times that long-form email marketing can work (public relations press releases or PR disaster relief for example), most people don't have the time or attention span to read lengthy emails. Also I would recommend that you don't use large chunks of text or even full size paragraphs. You're usually better off splitting up the text every other sentence or so like you see on LinkedIn posts. Keep it simple and include clear call-to-action instructions.

5. How To Sell 

A compelling email is not complete until you make that sale which is the objective. Don’t dive into selling in the first email. Have a series of emails planned out. Make the subscriber comfortable in the first email, earn their trust. Keep in mind where the prospect is in the Buyer's Journey.

Once you have that, illustrate the benefits of your products instead of selling directly. Have multiple links to your products so that they can see what they are missing if they don’t take up your offer. Have a deadline so that they don’t keep postponing on buying your products. Continue to provide value in your emails but make sure there is a clear call to action to purchase your product or service.

With such a layout, you can be sure of sales which result in more revenue. Once you record a high-profit margin, you can diversify your investments for long-term results. You can look up reviews of Future Advisor if you need somebody to help you invest without too much of your input. Now your email marketing indirectly is giving you an even greater return on investment! 

Email Like An Expert

All in all, email marketing has a high potential for taking your business to the next level. Leverage it correctly and you'll see your emails turn into sales and potentially even build investment capital for greater gains. 

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to maximize your email marketing campaign results with savvy strategy.

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