15 Methods Of Repurposing Your Digital Content

You know all of that high quality digital content you’re supposed to be churning out to promote your business and boost search engine optimization? The kind that content marketing SEO gurus like Gary Vaynerchuk and Neil Patel preach about on a daily basis. 

It seems like a lot of work, doesn’t it? Yes, blogging for your business and creating other online content can be incredibly exhausting and time consuming! Who has time to create quality content every day or even every week? How do you even come up with all of the ideas and information that make up this constant content? 

Well there is a way to make that process a lot easier and keep you from getting content creation burnout: reimagine your blog content into over a dozen other online mediums!

When you’re marketing for your business, it’s always helpful to find ways to use the content that you spend so much time and energy developing into new creative ways. Here’s how you can turn one blog post into 15 new pieces of content through repurposing and start crushing your SEO goals even harder! 

1. Videos 

Videos have always been popular since the early days of YouTube but their popularity has increased tenfold in the last few years. Video is often the way to go when promoting on social media, especially on Facebook and LinkedIn where video is prioritized in their algorithm (trying to compete with each other and YouTube). Take your blog post and make videos with these ideas: 

- Create a fun fact or quick tip 
- Demo what you shared 
- Do an interview to bring another perspective  
- Jazz it up with graphics and animations
- Recap previous blog post highlights

You can even do more: share the video on different platforms. If you do the first video on Facebook Live, then also upload the video to YouTube, LinkedIn, and Medium among other social media platforms. Share it on your website as part of your resources. Include the video in a new blog post on a related topic. Use your video script as the basis of a social media post. 

If you want to get even more out of your video production then you could really build up a strong YouTube channel and earn revenue through the YouTube Creators AdSense earnings program. What may start as a way to diversify your online content and reach a new audience could evolve into a marketing machine and a big money maker. 

2. Podcasts 

Podcasting has also become much more popular in the last few years with improvements in mobile phones, automotive, and recording technology. Turn the text of your blog post into a podcast episode with yourself or a small group of people voicing your commentary. You can even take the audio of your video that you just reimagined and make that your podcast. 

3. SlideShare 

LinkedIn's SlideShare has been described as the YouTube for slide shows. Take your blog content and make it into a series of slides, and then post the slide show on SlideShare. Don’t forget to optimize with keywords and a click-stopping title. Include a call to action (CTA) to make it even more effective. Spice up your slides with some great visuals! 

4. Assorted Visuals 

Speaking of visuals, you can create some good ones from your blog post: memes, stats, photographs, collages, GIFs, beautiful illustrations, or screen shots to make an important point. All these options are also great for potential social media content that you can share on multiple platforms. These unique visuals also tend to do very well on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. 

5. Infographics 

Take that content a step further by making your blog post’s key points visual with an infographic. Platforms like Canva or Piktochart make infographics easier than ever to create and then you can easily embed on your website (and encourage others to do so as well) with Embedly. Encourage your visitors or other bloggers within your industry to embed the infographic on their website and you'll be getting plenty of website traffic and backlink love.

6. Checklists, Quizzes & Surveys

It may sound simple but checklists work, just ask Buzzfeed and countless pop culture media outlets. People love to complete checklists, quizzes, and surveys and share with their friends so they can compare results. It's a very simple and effective option, and it will work well on your Pinterest account afterwards!

7. Templates 

Can you turn your blog post into a WordPress or Blogger template that people can use for their own situations? A template is a valuable guide, and when it’s branded, it’s an ongoing reminder of your business. And if you request a backlink on each template to your website, or embed one within the template, then it could pay dividends for years in SEO boosts. 

8. Webinars 

Expand your blog post content into a webinar. Spice up the talking head approach with interviews, Q&A, or panel discussions. This content can become evergreen, helping you to draw people to your website and giving you an opportunity to gather email addresses for your future marketing efforts. Automated webinars are utilized by marketers around the world to generate leads and sell products directly. 

9. E-books 

Like webinars, e-books can be developed from a series of blog posts or by expanding on just one. Either way, you get to share your expertise in a deeper way that you can with a single blog post. Distribute your eBook through your website or via Amazon Kindle Publishing. While many people just use e-books as a lead generation tool, they could end up being an excellent branding tool for you or even a top revenue generator if you market them aggressively!

10. Online Courses 

You can take that expertise sharing even further by developing an online course from your original blog post. Some topics are just so deep, the only way to do them justice is to really dive into the content. You can create flagship content for your business with the inspiration of a single blog post! Coursera is an excellent option to create online courses from your content.

11. Email Newsletters

Email marketing is as effective as ever and email newsletters are an effective way to convert leads and remind past / present customers about your business. You can convert your blog posts into email newsletter highlights, digests, or RSS feed blasts that may reach more readers than they would otherwise. With Mailchimp and other platforms you can even automate email newsletters being sent out with your blog posts compiled.

12. Online Magazines

Traditional physical magazines have been falling by the wayside for nearly two decades now but online magazines, also known as E-Zines, still have a place in the digital age. While E-Zines aren't my favorite method of media, if you can make them a valuable asset or revenue generating component of your business then go for it.

13. White Papers

White papers are reports and research insights for other industry professionals that you can provide through your website. It's one of the oldest tricks in the book to provide a free white paper to visitors on your website in return for their email address, other basic data, and the permission to send them promotional or sales emails. Your original blog post can become a lead generation piece that ends up bringing in countless clients!

14. Social Media Campaign Or Account

Yes you can also convert your business blog post into a monthly / quarterly social media campaign, or even an entire social media account if applicable! I've done this with sections of my website such as Frugal Finance and Motivational Startup Quotes on Twitter with some success and I've seen a few other businesses do this even better. 

15. New Blog Posts Or New Blogs

Review your blog posts and see where there might be gaps or opportunities to go into more depth. Voila, instantly new blog post topics! Or compile new blog posts into complete guides, highlight sections, recaps, or other compilations that visitors might appreciate. And although rare, the opportunity might even arise where you could take your existing blog post(s) and create or add to a brand new blog or website! 

Imagine turning your one blog post into 15 new pieces of content. You’ve just increased your productivity and your reach 15+ times! You can see the endless possibilities with this strategy. There's a reason why most content marketing and SEO professionals advocate for content reimagining. 

Reimagining your content is not only creative, it is efficient and effective. It gives people a variety of ways to connect with you and on different platforms. It builds your brand and spreads your impact through increased SEO and visibility online. Just make sure to keep updating your multimedia content and optimizing it for search engines to get the most of your efforts.

I hope you enjoyed this article about multiple methods for repurposing your online blog posts and other content.

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