Something For Nothing: The Undeniable Allure Of Content Marketing

allure of content marketing

If you’re an entrepreneur, or aspire to be one, you’ve likely heard a whole lot about marketing. And with good reason! While marketing has existed in some form or another for as long as human beings have been trading with one another, marketing as we know it became big business in the ‘70s and ‘80s and has become increasingly important as the world has become smaller due to globalization and improved communications. Today in the lightning paced, digitally led and insanely competitive business landscape that all new businesses find themselves in, marketing is no longer a novelty, it’s a necessity. The world of digital marketing has become a huge growth industry with many enterprises of all shapes and sizes turning to marketing agencies to compose engaging and precision targeted digital marketing strategies that help to engender awareness, trust, familiarity and loyalty in their brand and business. 

Digital marketing is a fast moving industry that is already looking to the next steps in technology and how they will engage with the clients of tomorrow. At it’s core content marketing is a virtually future proof concept based on a single, inescapable truth that transcends technological trends or the many factors that influence consumer behaviour… 

Everybody wants something for nothing! 

Content marketing works because it gives leads and tomorrow’s loyal repeat customers exactly that. With just a little time and effort you can engage prospective customers far more effectively and affordably than by throwing money at expensive pay per click ad campaigns.

Keeping It Organic 

Just as eating organic food is generally healthier for your body, organic is also the way to go when it comes to your Search Engine Optimization. Very often SEO is a big part of what will help you stand out above your competitors. When a customer has need of your product or service, your search engine ranking will likely determine whether they go to you or to them. While paid SEO is a viable solution that many businesses use, especially those just starting out, organic SEO is always the gold standard. It ensures that your search engine rankings remain high (otherwise they’re bound to take a dip as long as you stop paying). Content marketing will help you to achieve the volume and quality of user engagement that will ensure that your digital presence is always felt on search engine listings. 

It All Starts With Your Landing Page 

While your website and its cornerstone content will be the…. well... cornerstone of your content marketing strategy, from a customer’s perspective it all begins at the landing page. 

A landing page is similar to a homepage but it works slightly differently. A landing page is designed to drive leads to a particular outcome, whether it’s to click through to your online store, to subscribe to your newsletter or subscribe to RSS updates every time you post new content. 

Your landing page should have a compelling call to action that motivates engagement and increases the chance of turning that lead into a customer. Although more specific in purpose than most of your content it still needs to be lively and engaging, giving users a sense of your brand’s identity and personality. 

Wonderful White Papers 

Entrepreneurs aren’t made overnight. The decision to create one’s own business usually stems from years gathering knowledge and expertise in their chosen field. This knowledge is vitally important to your content marketing strategy as it will separate you from your competitors and make you stand out as truly unique. After all, who else has your unique experience, knowledge and expertise? A downloadable white paper is a wonderful way to demonstrate this as well as being a substantial piece of long-form content that users can download for free. You can find out more about white papers in White Paper Marketing: How To Create Quality leads Online Consistently. White paper marketing establishes you as an expert in your field while giving leads that all important something for nothing. 

The Benefits Of Blogging 

In terms of easy to produce and access content that’s instrumental in giving your business a voice, it’s hard to overlook the virtues of blogging. Blogging is a multifaceted discipline that can be used in various ways that can benefit your business depending on the business’ nature, scope and customer base. A blog can give readers a peek behind the curtain to show how your business is run and how products are made. They can be a platform for you to air your thoughts on changes, innovations and breaking news in your chosen industry. This will further establish you as an expert and force to be reckoned with in your chosen field. The simplest, and perhaps most effective way in which a blog can benefit you is by helping your customers build a personal relationship with you; to invest in the ideals and principles upon which your business is based. Is it any wonder that 60% of businesses that embrace blogging acquire more customers? 

You can also turn your writing expertise to guest writing for other blogs which will help grow awareness of you and your business and cement your status as a leading mind in your industry. It will also be a boon for your search engine optimization since your guest posts will include a dofollow link back to your website. Overall the market is showing a larger shift towards video and podcast content, but writing will always be indispensable. 

Why Video Is Vital 

As great as blogging is, it takes a little time and effort to consume. Users are increasingly consuming content in short bursts on their mobile devices, and sometimes long form content like blog posts is ill suited to this consumer trend. That’s why more and more content marketers are turning to video. Video is fairly quick, easy and inexpensive to produce (not to mention being a lot of fun). Video content is also far more viral than blog posts as 92% of mobile users regularly share video content on social media. 

The Power Of The Podcast 

Podcasting may not be the most obvious of content marketing solutions but it’s one upon which more and more businesses are capitalizing. Podcasts are even easier than video to produce. Think of all those commuters teeming through the busy streets with earphones or earbuds on. Just think how many of them you could be reaching! 

Moreover, podcasting is incredibly easy and inexpensive to produce and can grow your reach in fun and exciting ways. Reaching out to industry leaders and leading lights in your chosen field to be interviewed or guest star on your podcast can do wonders for your reach.

Make sure to always create compelling content, share it across your social network, and collaborate with other online business owners to reap the benefits!

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I hope you enjoyed this article about how to maximize the benefits of content marketing for your small business.

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