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stewart resnick quotes

Stewart Resnick is the president and CEO of The Wonderful Company with wife Lynda Resnick. Multibillionaire Stewart Resnick is also the CEO and chairman of the Franklin Mint Company. Stewart Resnick is an incredibly inspirational figure with a lot of great quality quotes. 

Here are some of my favorite motivational business quotes from billionaire business tycoon Stewart Resnick.

1.  "My view is we're going to win."

2.  "When I first came to California 60 years ago, I should have bought property on Rodeo Drive. Now I would like to go back and buy the property on Rodeo Drive for the same price it was 60 years ago. People that had opportunities to buy into the water bank – just like we did – didn't do it. Now they think it's worthwhile."

3.  "If I had a son who, God forbid, should go to law school, I would say go into water law. You get one lawsuit that lasts 20 years."

4.  "There's no bigger incentive. We have a very aggressive R&D program."

5.  "We've been sued over the same thing over and over and continue to win."

6.  "You have to be an optimist to be a farmer. Fortunately, with our management team, we have some optimists and some pessimists."

7.  “My health, knock on wood, is good. It gives me the luxury to keep on working. Frankly, I’m having too much fun to think about retiring.”

8.  “I’ve never given an interview to a newspaper or magazine before. I’ve told them all no. When you’re making the kind of money we’re making, what’s the upside? I’d rather be unknown than known.”

9.  “When I got out of law school, I probably had 100 people I was employing.”

10.  “My life is about California. I didn’t grow up here, but if it wasn’t for California, its openness and opportunities, I wouldn’t be sitting where I’m sitting.”

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