10 Simple Content Creation Ideas

These days, business websites need to have a fresh flow of content to stay relevant. If you want to rank in your customer’s searches, your content needs to be interesting and eye-catching. However, when you’re running a business, content is often the last thing on your mind. You may not have the time to sit down and think of thoughtful ideas for your blog or any other content section on your website. So, it’s best to learn from the people who have been there and done it before. 

Here are 10 classic content ideas that work every time.

Beginner’s Guide 

A beginner’s guide is an introduction to clients and customers about your business and an explanation of your particular niche. Imagine someone coming across your website but not really understanding what you do or who you are. This is an opportunity to tell your customers how you have the solution to their problem. This type of post should be pinned to the top of your page so it isn’t lost amongst the other posts once you start contributing regularly. 

Guest Post 

The advantage of a guest post is that you don’t have to set time aside to write a blog and therefore have more time to spend on other aspects of the business. It’s also a chance for readers to experience your business and products from a different angle. It goes without saying that a guest writer will be able to view your business in a way that you may not. Allowing a different perspective and different insights onto your site could be just what you need to grab attention. Remember to make sure you clearly state that it is a guest post. 

Picture of the Day Post 

This is a fantastic way of keeping your readers engaged in your content. Ask your customers to send in pictures via social media of them using the products they’ve purchased from your business. Each day/week/month, choose a picture at random to place on your blog, along with your post. It not only gets your customers interacting with your social media posts, but it also gets them checking your blog every and now and then to see which pictures have been used. It’s a tried and tested method of keeping them coming back for more. 


Pinterest is where people dream. It’s the best chance you’ll get at seeing into your customers minds and thoughts. It’s full to the brim with inspiration and using it may just inspire you to think creatively about your business. What are you doing now? What could you be doing next? A blog is a great way to get some feedback from customers on what you could be doing to be innovative. If anyone knows better than you about what direction you should be taking your business in, it’s your customers.

Content Software 

Did you know that you can download software or apps that give you ideas on what content to create next? There are thousands of ideas to choose from, so you’d better have a good web host. View some decent web hosting reviews before you get started. To use the content idea software, all you need to do is type in the subject you wish to write about and a choice of titles will appear for you. Even if you don’t use the specific titles that have come up, you’re bound to get some inspiration from it. 

Testimonial Post 

In a testimonial post, you get to show your readers just how great your products and services are. Gather some testimonies from past customers and put them together with some thoughts of your own on specific products. If you’re brave enough, you can even include some criticism from customers, along with your plans to tackle any downfalls the business has. You could use it as a post to identify to customers how the business plans to progress in the future and what that will mean for them. 

Business Trends 

What’s new in your industry? What are industry leaders doing at the moment? How will this affect your business? Writing a post about how your industry is changing will be interesting to readers. It’s important that businesses keep up with times and are willing to evolve. If your customers can see that you’re trying to keep ahead of the game, they’ll have no reason to jump ship and board with a competitor. Customers and clients want to be excited and, for many businesses, that often means change. 


Are you tired of answering the same questions over and over? Doing an FAQ’s post could be what you need to quiet the crowd. If a customer can find all the details they require in a post, there’s no need to bother you with questions. There will always be customers who ask the same questions, no matter how many posts you put up. But, creating a post with all the information required by your customers could save you valuable time. 

Re-Cap Post 

If you’ve written some influential and important blog posts, it may be worth summarizing all of them in one big re-cap. That way, anyone that’s new to the blog will be able to find important blogs via the links you place in your re-cap blog. It may be that someone wants to know what kind of things you write about without having to read a few lengthy posts do it. There aren’t many people who have the time to read a few long posts, so providing the highlights could be just what they need.

Problem Solving Post 

There may be a few problems that are specific to your niche. Therefore, your customers are likely to be interested in any quick hacks you have to solve them. Writing about your personal experiences or things you’ve found out through the business could be of great help to your readers. Countless questions on Google, Quora, Yahoo, YouTube, and blogs provide and endless supply of search engine results and many good solutions rank very high. 

Content Creation Conclusion

If you look hard enough, there is inspiration for blog content everywhere you look. Keep a notepad and pen close by, so you can write it down when inspiration hits.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to get fresh ideas for your content creation and blog posts.

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