Everything comes down to selling these days, even if you're not always selling a concrete product or service. You sell your skills, image, and brand whether you have your own business, make big deals as a corporate executive, or even work in an entry level position. I'm incredibly passionate about marketing, but you know what they say: "the best marketing is sales!" I've worked in online and offline sales for many years and know how challenging the selling process can be for most people. Learning how to add value for your customers and projecting confidence in your abilities can make or break a career. Here are some great sales strategy articles and quotes from some of the best sales experts of all time. Time to close the deal!

Sales Strategy Articles

Sales Expert Quotes

- Lori Greiner Sales Quotes 

- Grant Cardone Sales Quotes

Steve Jobs Sales Quotes

- Larry Page Sales Quotes

Zig Ziglar Sales Quotes 

- Dale Carnegie Sales Quotes

- Jim Koch Sales Quotes

- Daymond John Sales Quotes

- Jim Rohn Sales Quotes

- Napoleon Hill Sales Quotes

- Tony Robbins Sales Quotes

Remember your ABC's: Always Be Closing!

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