How to Impress Your Customers During the First Phone Call

The phrase “calling customers” can inspire dread in both professionals and the people they’re calling. Though sales and follow up calls are a necessary and valuable part of business, they tend to have a bad reputation. This is usually because the caller picks up the phone without an objective, and things derail quickly. In truth, a call is a perfect opportunity to leave a long lasting positive impression that your customer will appreciate. It’s all in how you approach that call. 

Go In With A Plan 

Before you pull up a customer’s contact information, you should be absolutely sure of your reason for calling. Trying to cover too much ground or only having a vague plan can cause things to go off course. You don’t want to waste your time, and your customer doesn’t want to have their time wasted. Every call should have a single objective. It will help you get to the point quicker while demonstrating your efficiency and how much you value your customer’s time. 

Know Who You’re Talking To 

A little research goes a long way in planning a phone call. If you know your client works in construction, you can assume it’s probably a bad time to call them after a major storm when they’re likely to be busy with work. If your client is a stay at home parent, you know it would be easiest to get a hold of them when their children are at school. Understanding the customer you’re calling will help you tailor your approach to their needs. It shows that you care. 

Watch Your Tone 

Some people will be a little agitated when they answer the phone, but you have a job to do. It could feel tempting to counter their energy with similar energy of your own, but this can be a big mistake. Even if your customer is calm and receptive when you answer, you can disrupt the mood by being too pushy. Before you dial, make sure you’re calm and centered. Don’t let your feathers get ruffled, and always be sure to speak kindly and at a reasonable volume. 

Be Considerate 

You never know what your customer is contending with when they answer the phone. They could have been sad or exhausted or angry before you called. Don’t take the customer’s mood personally. If they can’t talk when you call, allow them to reschedule the call for a better time. This exhibits your awareness of the customer’s needs. It shows that you’re accommodating, and you prioritize the customer above all else. 

Let The Other Person Talk 

You have a lot to say when you make that phone call, but it’s equally important to listen. Never rush through a customer phone call. You don’t want your customer to feel as though they’re being rushed through a transaction for a product or service. You want your customer to feel valued and important. Sometimes, this means letting them say the things that they need to say. It may take a little longer to wrap up a phone call by allowing your customer to talk, but they’ll feel much better by the end of the conversation. It’s better to spend a little longer keeping the customer in a good mood than it is to rush through rapid phone calls where the customer feels as though they haven’t been adequately serviced. 

A call to a customer provides you with an ideal opportunity to demonstrate your outstanding service. It is business, but one of the most important part of your business is prioritizing your customer. The right mix of a business mentality and a casual attitude will lead you to greater success. 

Cindy Parker is a professional writer & content specialist writing about small business, education & language. She works for Learn To Trade, a currency trading education company based in Australia.

I hope you enjoyed this article about tips to impress your sales prospects and customers the first time you call them.

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