How To Find Potential Customers In The UK

how to find potential customers in the uk lead generation united kingdom

Finding customers to patronize your business is one of the major challenges when you intend to create your startup company. Identifying your potential customers will not only help you properly design your goods or service to fit consumer needs, but also help you find the potential customers. There are a couple of steps involved in identifying your target market, some of which are: 

Familiarize with United Kingdom’s Demographics

As soon as you are ready to define your potential audience, you have to create a profile for the recipient market, outlining the age range, gender, marital status, occupation, and rough estimate of the yearly salary of the customers. 

Determine Psychological Attributes 

Once all the conditions in the previously highlighted point have been met, you are then required to proceed to understand the values, opinions, personality, interests, and lifestyle of people around you. Once that has been completed, you will be able to determine how much your service will impact their lives, and the willingness to patronize. 

Carry Out Product Analysis 

depending on whatever product or service you are offering, you need to determine its advantages, and what sphere of people will purchase it, depending on physical ability, gender, or age group, as well as financial capability. 

Research Other Competition Businesses  

what better way to identify target market than to observe others who have been in the game, via this research, you are able to achieve your goal, as well as realize mistakes made, how to avoid those mistakes, and learn how to better the services of those that have prospered at it. 

Once the target audience has been properly identified, the next step is to create and implement strategies to find the potential customers of your product. Here are some of the ways to go about finding them. 

Create A Plan 

given that the basics to know the potential customers has been identified, the next step is for you to develop a plan on how to get that audience, determine how consistent the customers will need to be employing your services or product in their lives, especially those who can continue to afford the luxury that your products provide. Understand how the potential buyer will find your service, their activeness on popular social media, and how referrals, marketing, and sales will occur. 

Update Social Media Presence 

The first thing to do after identifying potential buyers on social media is to attempt to form a basic relationship with them, instead of just coming at them with details of your product; they are less likely to patronize an unfamiliar handle. Once a basic conversation has been started, ensure that your handle is easy to reach for inquiries and suggestions. Adding incentives in the form of referrals discounts and coupons can also help boost the find for buyers. 

Employ Print Media 

A common misconception about newspapers is that people do not read them, you can take advantage of the fact that some still like to receive their news the old-fashioned way, especially if your target market is the older generation. You can place targeted ads in the newspapers, or browse the papers for semi famous people who recently got mentioned, and then send them a free copy of your product and ask that they rebroadcast to their fan base if they found the product helpful. 

Door-To-Door Advertising 

If your product or service can be employed in the home, going from home to home in neighborhoods to try to pitch your product is a good idea to hit your target audience at basically no cost. 

Throw Events 

prior to the launch of your firm, you can go around distributing fliers to strangers, as well as friends and family, to inform people that you would be hosting a little get together at the establishment, with a little idea of what your service can offer them, introducing discount deals, coupons, and referral benefits. Do 


To further reach your target market, you can simply try to start going to functions or events or meetings that your target audience may be in attendance. By doing so, you can get in contact with them, and then properly introduce them to your product after such meetings. 

Engage Friends And Family 

Asking your personal network of people advertise your business via either word of mouth, or even printed flyers containing company brand and product information is a great way to find potential customers. Offer them incentives, holding referral contests, with the top three taking cash prizes. 


putting your company name and product on basic items such as key holders, pens, and other smaller appliances can help you find more customers. Also, when hiring ad agencies, ensure to create several small advertisements with various concepts, but still accurately depicting what your product does, has proven to be more efficient that one big ad post. Even after creating this ad, ensuring the ad is targeted to the region you operate in, and mainly directed towards your audience can help keep costs down. If your audience is the younger generation, running those ads on social media like YouTube and twitter is more likely to be effective, rather than a television, which is viewed mainly by adults. 


When people patronize you, it is important for you to ask for feedback from them, questions on if they liked the product, if there were any hitches along the way while placing orders, and if they would like to make a purchase sometime in the future. 

Make Use Of Google My Business 

The Google My Business platform is completely free and simple tool to manage your establishment’s online presence using the Google Platform and its Maps. You can manage your company information, to ensure that customers can find you and your product on the google platform. 


Following the above mentioned tips, any potential or current business owner looking to expand their reach and garner more customers for their product and service can do that. The bottom line is, there is no single road to success, as long as your service meets a high need, the business should prosper.

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