4 Lead Generation Hacks To Grow Sales

So… You’ve managed to launch a business, keep it afloat for some time and build up a modest consumer base. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a small consumer base, quite the contrary – starting out small has its perks. 

For instance, you now have the opportunity to cultivate and grow a strong relationship with your existing customers. 

Still… You’re probably eager to grow your company and attract new customers. Lead generation and conversion are surely on your mind as top priorities.

But, where should you start exactly? Getting more valuable customers is not an easy job at all. According to HubSpot research, roughly 65% of top marketers say that generating leads is their biggest challenge. 

But just because something’s challenging it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. In order to help you gain more quality leads and expand your business, here a few useful tips… 

Four Tactics That Will Increase The Number Of Leads 

Rethink & Reevaluate Your Pitch 

One of the biggest business mistakes people seem to make inadvertently is narrowing their focus and consequently, missing the mark with potential customers. Basically, you have to change things up from time to time. If you’ve been pitching your company the same way from the very start, you probably won’t reach too many potential customers. 

Your sales largely depend on trust. You have to realize that a vast majority of your first-time visitors – staggering 96%, according to Marketo – is not ready to buy anything from you. You can’t just rely on a bland sales pitch to do the job. Instead, you have to focus on building a steady relationship with your customers first. 

Use Your Existing Client Base 

No matter how much money you invest in your marketing efforts, you still can’t beat good word-of- mouth. Did you know that word-of- mouth drives more than $6 trillion of consumer spending? You surely realize just how much word-of- mouth can help you grow your customer base. All you need to do is enlist your existing customers to help you a little… 

For instance, you should develop a loyal group of customers that will make referrals for you. Just take a look at your most loyal customers, and see who’d be a good fit for your service. You should aim at the low-hanging fruits first simply because they’ll be more likely to recommend your company to their friends, family and coworkers. Social media is a great option to gain testimonials and referrals from your loyal customers.

Work On Your Network Expansion 

Speaking of networks… Having a strong customer network – despite its size – is fantastic. But you can’t rely on them to do all the work for you. When you find yourself without new sales leads, it’s definitely the time to start looking for ways to expand. No matter how good your product/service/structure is, if you don’t have some industry contacts, no one will be interested in helping you. 

You should start personally attending different conventions or business events and form partnerships with other entrepreneurs. As soon as you start meeting people, your network will start growing. And if you really want to work on expanding your network, it would be wise to look into professional appointment setters who’ll help you organize and schedule business meetings on your behalf. 

Offer Free Trials To Potential Customers 

Everyone likes free stuff – and if you start offering free trials to potential customers, you’ll seed an instant increase in your leads. Free trials are pretty attractive to potential visitors, and they can help you get some good user-reviews and customer testimonials. Plus, if you want to improve your product, this is a great way of getting honest feedback. 

While all of this sounds great – you’re probably wondering – how will a free trial help me turn those visitors into paying customers? Essentially, a free trial will showcase the value of your product, show them what you have to offer and in turn, transform those random visitors into loyal customers down the line. You have to instill the value of your service/product early on and show that it is truly exemplary. 

The Bottom Line On Leveraging Leads

While all of the tips are certainly helpful, the biggest advice we can give you is to try and differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack. Let’s face it – consumers have been bored with traditional marketing ploys for years at this point. 

If you truly want to attract new customers, you have to work for a higher cause. Your main goal shouldn’t be making more profit or going on a longer vacation. Just stop going through motions and calling your company different and actually try to be different. 

This will not only help you to grow your business quicker, but it will also allow you to grow it further than you ever imagined. It just requires you start being different… 

The only question is – are you up for that challenge?

I hope you enjoyed this article about lead generation hacks that will grow you sales leads and increase your revenue generation.

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Best Of Luck In Business!


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