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Inbound Sales

The Customer Has All The Power & Information Now! 60% of purchase decision made before speaking to sales rep

Welcome back to my note guide on the HubSpot Academy Inbound Certification section on Inbound Sales. If your business is not implementing these Inbound Sales best practices, you'll be leaving money on the table!

Outbound Sales: Cold Calling, impersonal, seller-centric

Inbound Sales: Informative, Relevant, Helpful, Valuable, Content-Driven, personal, customer-centric

4 Inbound Sales Best Practices:

1) Transform the way you target accounts
- Right content published reaching the right people 
-Use Buyer Personas and ensure leads are qualified

2) Transform the way you prospect accounts
-Research your leads. Consider company size, annual revenue, products or services sold, their clients and prospects, role in the company, and if there are any other key players involved.
-Research current events, funding, upcoming events. Gain knowledge but also rapport and legitimacy. 
-Research them on social media and observe their SMM
-Lead intelligence- Monitor leads interactions with your company. Downloads, page visits, pain points, goal of client
-Determine if you are targeting an internal or external referral or if you are looking for the decision makers. 

3) Transform the way you connect with accounts

a) Build rapport with leads, develop trust, showcase knowledge.
Put education of your lead ahead of your own initiatives.
People don't remember the sales process but the experience!

b) Know your audience. Inbound point of contact rarely the decision maker. 

c) Speak their language including industry terms and names. 

d) Be helpful and educate to help build trust and credibility

4) Transform the way your prospects view you as a salesperson
-Be a sales educator and listen. Make your company human and become a trusted advisor. Empathize. Discuss relevant issues from their industry and similar clients.
-Root- specific reason you are calling. Prospect gains context to why you're calling.
-Open Loop- unfinished thought you can always fall back on later in the call. Statement without details or solution yet.
-Throwaway Question- question to get prospect to say no.
-Thematic positioning statement- expression of how a given product, service, or brand fills consumer's need vs competition.

Positioning Statement:
1) The Root which contains reference to talking to others about their same issue. Adds social proof to the statement.
2) Separate positions for twice the opportunity. 2 Widely appealing issues you can help them with
3) Question that asks them to elaborate thoughts on step 2

HubSpot Academy Inbound Sales Marketing Certified Mike Schiemer Sales Funnel

-Leave voicemail first then follow up with email.
-Use their name, Reintroduce yourself, context for calling, research you've done on their company, how you can help.
-"Do you have a few minutes to connect?"
-Use email term "per my message today" if emailing to clarify
-If they don't pick up or respond now leave another vmail or email, but offer them something of value.
-Final follow up voicemail or email. "Last time you'll contact"
-Attempt Series- approximately 3 voicemails and emails
-Analyzie if no response and determine possible reasons. 

I hope you enjoyed this post on my HubSpot Academy Inbound Marketing Certification notes guide focusing on inbound sales

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